Hashing in a Time of Covid

The safety of our members is paramount to the enjoyment of the hash, and to that effect we have instituted the following mandatory guidelines for a “successful” coronavirus hash:

Hashes will be BYOB only. There will be no trough beer, no food, and no sharing of any other substances between our members on trail. To that effect, hashes during this period of social distancing will be entirely free to attend.

Hashes will be prelayed, and available to run at the leisure of individual hashers Thursday evening. They should be A-A if possible, and entirely outdoors.

The exact timing of the trail is up the hares, but it must be fully available by 6pm, and able to be finished by 8pm. Earlier is certainly better.

Marks, checks, falses, etc. are entirely up the hares, but please remember that many hashers will be r*nning alone, and complicated trail marks are more frustrating than fun without a pack for support.

Hares will mark a beer check somewhere on trail, where members are encouraged to partake of any beverage they have carried with them. Hashers are welcome to socialize at this point, but there cannot be any communal beer, food, etc. Masks are required. If the hares would like to man the Beer Check for socializing, just alert the pack to the time when you’ll be there in the announcement.

Masks are mandatory at any social gathering place (start points, beer check, etc.) Hashers must please wear masks at all times when interacting with others. We realize this is inconvenient, but such are many things right now, and a mild inconvenience is not too bad for the safety and security of our members and community.

Religion will be held on Zoom at 8pm, Thursdays. Religion will be kept to 20ish minutes, but the Zoom room is almost always open for socializing and playing any Zoom games.  The zoom info is available via email – if you do not have the login, please contact our RAs/GMs.

While cases within Santa Cruz County continue to spike, there cannot be any liquor or fancy beer provided, even if handed out by a sterilized beer fairy into single use containers. When things settle down a bit, guidelines will be posted, but for the present moment we must do our part to ensure the safety of others.

If hares need chalk, the hash has plenty and it can be picked up from DungFu (contact info below.)

We realize that this is a weirdly stringent set of rules for a club that prides itself on having no rules, but this is a weird time. If you take any offense to what has been laid out here, have any questions, or need some chalk, please contact Dung-Fu Grip at dungfugrip@protomail.com.

Thank you all for keeping the hash a fun and safe place for our members!

Keep Calm and Carry On-On!