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Surf City Hash 984 – Beat Your Meat
It’s back to the home of Lil Anal Annie and Butt Balls for the umpteenth Beat Your Meat hash. Here’s the details:
Hare; Cockis
Location: 7558 Sunset Way Aptos 95003
Start Time:6:30pm August 16, 2018
Trail Description: Cockis will punish you. Expect some shiggy and a beer check.
On On On: Back yard BBQ at Annie’s place. Bring something to throw on the BBQ as Accu and Butt Balls will be cooking. Note: don’t bring the 24 pound sirloin. Bring something that is thin sliced so as not to eat BBQ space and time. And don’t forget side dishes. Did I say SIDE DISHES? When it’s over, take your left over shit home with you. We don’t want it.
The back yard will be accessible from 5:30 pm, but stay out of the kitchen or Annie will yell at you.
On out,
B. Balls