Wharf 2 Barf

July 21st-24th, 2022

Weekend Registration: Includes all Saturday and Sunday Trails and Activities.

Late Rego Full Event – $79 Register by July 21st
Early Rego Saturday ONLY – $49 Register by June 30th!
Late Rego Saturday ONLY – $59 Register by July 21st!
Walkup – We’ll harvest your DNA and make alien clones (prices are alacarte below)
Register Online: Rego Form
Payment: Please pay for your rego on PayPal (Link goes to PayPal, use friends and family) 
Can’t Do the Entire Weekend?
You’ll have less fun, but we still want you to cum! Walk Up Prices are listed by event, no patches guaranteed for walk ups
PreLube Activities

  • Thursday: Surf City Trail #1999
  • Friday: No Host Pub Crawl

Wharf to Barf Activities

  • Saturday: Trail, Games, Picnic
  • Sunday: Breakfast, W2B Race, W2B Stroll, Hangover Hash

R*cists: Wharf to Barf Hash weekend registration does NOT include race entry to the official Wharf to Wharf race. Registration is open until June 30th. Race Registration If it sells out you can often find bibs on Craig’s List. If you don’t have a bib, you can try bandit running it, but you may get kicked off the course.

Crash Space: There’s no official hash hotel and all Santa Cruz area hotels fill up early because of the race. Usually hashers are willing to provide crash space. Please post your request on the SCH3 general Facebook group or on the Wharf to Barf event page.

Shirts: W2B Shirts are available via Zazzle, you can order using the link below.

Schedule of Events

6/21/22: Thursday
6:33 pm SCH3 Hash #1999 W2B Pre-lube
Regular Surf City Hash
Theme: Y2K Beach Rave
Hares: Cum You Shall Not, Pink Cherry Licker, Thmp Thmp
Start Location: Black’s Beach (top of the cliff at the bench)
Dogs: Welcome on a leash
Cost: The usual $10 (not included in W2B rego fee)

May be an image of text that says 'GET READY TO BE PROBED'

6/22/22: Friday
7:00pm Get Probed!
Pub Crawl
Theme: Let the hash abduct you. You’ll wake up with a foggy memory of a nightful of shenanigans and a sore ass (if you’re lucky). Dress as an alien, a spaceship, an unsuspecting farmer… you get the idea.
Hares: Steam Baanoreah & Others
Start Location: Red Room Downstairs
Address: 1003 Cedar Street, Downtown Santa Cruz
Dogs: Nope
Cost: No Host Pub Crawl, Bring Cash and ID

6/23/22: Saturday
12:00pm Hash #1201: Uranus Invaders
Trail, Games, and Picnic
Location: 40 Thieves Picnic Area
Details: The highlight of the W2B Weekend is our anal picnic. There will be kegs, a special cocktail, games, interpretive dance, a photo booth, and of course a watermelon helmet. Cum join us for an epic shiggylicious trail through the woods, and all the hilarity that will ensue. Remember, it’s a good time because YOU showed up…
Hares: Baker’s Dozen’t and Dung Fu Grip
Cost: Included in your W2B Rego. Walk up Price: $69 (Saturday only)

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6/24/22: Sunday
Bloody Sunday/R*ce Trails/Hangover Hash #1202
Theme: Astronaughty Dress in silver
Entire day is included in your rego, Sunday walk up Price $20, make you holla!

7:00am Breakfast of Champions
Location: Banana’s House (707 Cayuga St.)
Hosts: Princess Di (arrhea), Thmp Thmp
Details: Stop by the driveway for Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and donuts before the race.
Cost: Included in Rego. Walk up: $20

8:30 am Wharf to Wharf R*ce
If you go to our breakfast, you will be walking distance (1.2 miles) to the Starting Line (Beach and Cliff Streets at the Boardwalk). The race is not included in the W2B Rego. You can register here: Race Registration.

9:00 am Wharf to Wharf Stroll
Hares: Pink Cherry Licker and Bacon Queef
Start Location: We’ll walk from Banana’s house to Brady’s Yacht and drop into the race course around 9:30 or whenever the bulk of the racers have gone by.
Details: We’ll walk this trail together, there won’t be marks. Trail will be about 6 miles if you start from Breakfast, 5 if you start at Brady’s. There will be bar stops and drink stops along the way. We’ll end at the Hangover Hash. We’ll do about 3 miles of the race course and then break off to walk to the start of the hangover hash. Wear silver!
Dogs: Not on the Race Course
Cost: Included in Rego. Walk up: $20 Bring cash and ID for bar stops

1:00 pm Hangover Hash #1202
Hares: Occasional Rapist
Start Location: Crow’s Nest Beach Cafe (next door to the Crow’s Nest)
Details: Just keep it weird, Astronaughty theme/wear silver. A-B trail. Parking not available at B, which is about a 1/2 mile away. If there is any food left over from Saturday, it will be available at the end.
Dogs: Not inside at the start, but on trail is fine. They need to be on leash at the end.
Parking: You will likely have to pay to park at the start.
Cost: Included in Rego. Walk up: $20