Wharf 2 Barf

Wharf to Barf 2023 is over. See below for what happened in 2023.

Wharf to Barf 2024 will be July 25-28. It will be at Harvey West park, Redwood picnic area. Look for details in the Spring of 2024. Here is what you can expect in 2024.

  • Thursday July 25th. 6:33 Regular Hash. Not included in event pricing.
  • Friday July 26th. Evening Pub crawl in downtown in Santa Cruz
  • Saturday July 27th. Afternoon picnic. Redwood picnic area at Harvey West Park.
  • Sunday July 28th. Breakfast of Champions at 7:00. W2B Stroll at 8:15. Racist at 8:30. Hangover Hash at 12:00.

Stay up to date on the Wharf to Wharf Race: https://wharftowharf.com/