Wharf 2 Barf

Who came? These wankers!

Wharf to Barf was a fantastic success!

To everyone who came out for the festivities – I do not have words enough to express the joy at seeing so many of your faces at this event. Thank you all so much for making this a weekend to (fuzzily) remember!

I’m going to refrain from thanking individuals, as I’ll doubtlessly forget someone important. This weekend could not have happened without the support of the countless hashers who helped prepare and transport food and games and supplies, set up and broke down the venues, provided transportation and crash space for our visitors, and helped with the organization and execution of every part of this event. You all rule so gosh-darn much.

Math may be hard, but here are some fun numbers:

Over the four days, there were:

57 hashers in attendance

37!!!! hashers at Wharf to Wharf breakfast shots

28 miles of laid trail

1 under-40-minute Wharf to Wharf time

0 arrests or hospitalizations (nice job!)

We drank:

20 gallons of beer

8 gallons of seltzer

1 gallon of wine

1 gallon of Champaign

1 gallon of well liquor from bars

¾ gallon of vodka

a fifth of whiskey

and, whatever people individually acquired over the weekend, which totals an amount high enough that even Goggler’s Liver would blush.

We ate:

2 car loads of food

3 dozen donuts

6 vegan muffins

6 pounds of bacon

and of course, 1 watermelon

What’s in our speedos!? A good time.


~DungFu & Baker’s