Wharf 2 Barf

Wharf to Barf 2023 is over. See below for what happened in 2023.

Wharf to Barf 2024 will be July 25-28. Look for details in the Spring of 2024. Here is what you can expect in 2024.

  • Thursday July 25th. 6:33 Regular Hash. Not included in event pricing.
  • Friday July 26th. Evening Pub crawl in downtown in Santa Cruz
  • Saturday July 27th. After noon picnic. Likely at 40 Thieves picnic area of De LaVeaga park.
  • Sunday July 28th. Breakfast of Champions at 7:00. W2B Stroll at 8:15. Racist at 8:30. Hangover Hash at 12:00.

Wharf to Barf 2023 Details

July 20th-23rd, 2023

Weekend Registration: Includes Friday Pub Crawl + Saturday and Sunday Trails and Activities.

Early Rego Full Event – $69 Register by June 30th!
Late Rego Full Event – $79 Register by July 20th!
Early Rego Saturday ONLY – $49 Register by June 30th!
Walkup – Prices are alacarte below

Register Online: Rego Form
Payment: Please pay for your rego on PayPal (Link goes to PayPal, use friends and family
Can’t Do the Entire Weekend?
You’ll have less fun, but we still want you to cum! Walk Up Prices are listed by event, no patches guaranteed for walk ups

PreLube Activities

  • Thursday: Surf City Trail #1255
    • Theme “Boot Camp”
    • Start: 6:33pm
    • Location: Cafe El Palomar, 2222 E Cliff Dr
    • Hares: Cum you Shall Not, Pink Cherry Licker, Circle Gherkin
    • Walkup Price $10
  • Friday: Pub Crawl
    • Theme “Scouts”. Wear something with patches – like your happy coat.
    • Start: 6:33pm
    • Location: Abbott Square
    • Hare: Clearly Not a Hooker and Steamy Baanoreah
    • Beverages: Pitchers will be provided until the kitty runs out
    • Walkup Price $10
    • Dogs: Not recommended
    • If you are late, look for updates on Facebook group. Or, look for hash marks. Or, call a friend.
    • Why do I have to pay for a pub crawl? Because beer is provided. If you don’t want to drink the hash beer, feel free to attend, not pay, and not drink hash beer.

Wharf to Barf Activities

  • Saturday: Anal Picnic
    • Theme: Terror at Sleeparound Camp
    • Start: 12pm
    • Location: Buckeye Picnic area at Harvey West Park (Near Wagner Grove)
    • Hare: Dung Fu Grip
    • Activities: Trail, Games, Picnic, Drinking
    • Walker trail: 3 miles, lil shiggy.
    • Turkey trail: 4 miles, lik shiggy for a lil longer.
    • Eagle trail: 5.5 miles. lil more shiggy but not too bad
    • Dogs: Yes!
    • Strollers: Mostly dirt trails. Plan accordingly.
    • Walkup Price $59
    • A spooky woods adventure with Turkey, Eagle, and Walker trails. Then there will be beer and food and beer and festivities and beer. It’s the party in a park day!
    • There will be Dodge Ball and Hash Bingo among other games.
  • Sunday: Multiple Events
  • Theme: Wet Hot Surf City Summer
    • Event: Breakfast of Champions
      • Start: 7am
      • Location: Banana’s House (707Cayuga)
      • Activities: Drinking
      • Walkup Price $10
    • Event: W2B Stroll – BSH3 Trail #8
      • Start: 8:00am
      • Location: Leave Banana’s House at 7:45am, meet at Brady’s at 8:00.
      • Hares: Pink Cherry Licker and Bacon Queef
      • We’ll drop into the race after the runners have gone by and walk together. There will be several drink checks along the way. Wear your 80’s short shorts!
    • Event: Hangover Hash
      • Theme: Short Shorts, 80’s Shirts
      • Start: 11am
      • Location: Brommer Street Park
      • Hare: Brokebench Mountain
      • Walkup Price $10
      • One short shitty trail. Less than 1 mile. No Turkey/Eagle Split
      • A beer check
      • No liquor check
      • Left overs from Saturday if there are any. Otherwise, Pizza.
      • Religion
      • Standard hash muchies (aka chips)
      • If you are a racist, go to Britania Arms in Capitola Village and look for hashers. We will walk together to Brommer Street Park.
      • How long it will last is unclear, but 3 or 4 is likely.
      • Dogs:Yes!
      • On after is Steel Bonnet where a hasher favorite is playing music from 3:00 – 6:00.

R*cists: Wharf to Barf Hash weekend registration does NOT include race entry to the official Wharf to Wharf race. Registration is still open. Race Registration If it sells out you can often find bibs on Craig’s List. If you don’t have a bib, you can try bandit running it, but you may get kicked off the course. (There are numerous hashers planning to be a bandit.)

Crash Space: There’s no official hash hotel and all Santa Cruz area hotels fill up early because of the race. Usually hashers are willing to provide crash space. Please post your request on the SCH3 general Facebook group or on the Wharf to Barf event page.

Shirts: W2B Shirts are included in your rego!