Annual Red Dress Run 2022

Our Goal

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2022 Numbers:

80 Attendees
22.5 Gallons of Beer
3 Miles of Trail
$5323 raised

The Surf City Hash House Harriers host this annual charity run each year in May, which benefits WomenCARE of Santa Cruz County, a cancer support agency. The event attracts nearly 100 participants from “kennels” around the country, all donning their finest Red Dresses and “running” through the town.

During the event, men and women alike show up in Red Dresses and provide a donation. The pack of 60+ hashers follow a trail placed conspicuously in highly visible downtown areas. The response from the public is very positive and includes horn honking, cheering, and contributing to our donation buckets.

Why a “Red Dress” Run?

The Red Dress Run was the result of a “Harriette” named Donna Rhinehart, who showed up at a hash event in a Red Dress for no particular reason. The Red Dress Run events became a global phenomenon and a fun way for our kennels to raise money for local charities.

How can you participate?

To make the biggest impact
please donate any amount to WomenCARE
Select “2022 Red Dress Run for WomenCARE”
To join the run, reach out to
Note: this is an adult-oriented club
it’s not for everyone

Red Dress Run 2022

The RSVP ONLY event will be held at London Nelson Center on Saturday, May 7, 2022. At approximately 12:15 pm, you can see us running through town, in a can’t-miss-it trail of Red Dress Runners. Before and after the run, we provide food and adult beverages to the pack; conduct a raffle with great prizes; and just have a great time generally with a diverse group of good people. We hope you’ll come watch this fun group of adults who take one for the team by crossing some boundaries and tearing down dated social constructs.

Why did we choose WomenCARE?

WomenCARE was chosen by the Surf City Hash House Harriers because one of our own Harriets found support and comfort through this great organization. Karen Petersen, aka “Last Call Norm,” and known locally as a restaurant reviewer for The Good Times, endured a ten-year battle with breast cancer during which WomenCARE provided support through multiple recurrences of the disease.

Anyone who has lost someone to cancer can relate to the difficult process of navigating the disease, never really knowing who will ultimately survive. WomenCARE provides cancer advocacy, resources, education, and support to women, their families and friends, and healthcare practitioners at each stage of the journey: diagnosis, healing, surviving, or dying.

Who’s Sponsoring This Event?

Our event is a fun way to raise donations. We conduct raffles for cash and prizes which are generously donated by local businesses. Please consider patronizing these supporters which are standing behind our community :