Guide to haring

Covid Update

The coronavirus health crisis has made haring a bit different. Much of this advice stands, but please make sure that your trails conform to the guidelines laid out here.

Questions regarding Covid modifications can be sent to

This document is mostly intended for new or inexperienced hares. However, if the pack thought your last run was not very good, perhaps you should be reading this. The following tips are no particular order:

  • You need to provide for the beer check. Beer will taken care of by the beer meister for everything else. You will be provided $2/hasher that attends at a future hash by the Hash Cash.
  • Select a nice start. You can’t go wrong with a bar.  Unless you have a psycho roommate, your house would be great too. A public place where local law enforcement is likely to spot is is a really bad plan.
  • Select a good spot for religion. A place where we can supply the beer is best. If not, the beer better be cheap. Again, try to find a place where local law enforcement is unlikely to spot us. Sometimes, you just get unlikely in this area, so do the best you can.
  • Pick a spot for after that has food and beer. The pack might change it’s mind, but at least you have an idea.
  • If you’ve never hared before, hare with an experienced hare. Hopefully, the Hare Raiser, won’t let this happen anyway.
  • Don’t make it too hard for anyone. A mile up a steep hill that makes the eagles finish in the dark in the summer is probably too much.  Seriously think about that massive shiggy you are thinking about doing in the winter, and think about doing it in the summer instead.  A max of 3 miles for walkers and 5 miles for runners is a good target to shoot for on a Thursday night. If you have lots of shiggy, make it shorter.
  • Understand the marks. Do you know the difference between a false and back check, a pack arrow and hare arrow? How far should the first mark be after a check? If you don’t know these things, ask the experienced hare you are with.  See the bottom of this document for marks you should know.
  • Have fun. Isn’t that why you are doing this?
  • Don’t stress too much about getting caught, but try not too. The best hares eventually get caught (because you are not trying hard enough if you don’t) and if you set a good run, no one will care (except for the Hasher that caught you).
  • Practice your run ahead of time. Don’t just work it out on Google maps, or a cocktail napkin. If you are splitting up with your co-hare, have the details worked out precisely. Don’t get lost like Timmy. Don’t forget where the Turkey/Eagle split is and just not do it.
  • Know where your start is at least a week in advance. Send email to the GM’s or everyone at week before letting everyone know where the start is and any special instructions they might need.
  • Regardless of how many marks off of a check (even just one!), always cap all your false trails. If you don’t know what this means, then ask your experienced co-hare.  There is some controversy among Hashers whether this is absolutely necessary, but the author of this document things you always should.
  • Don’t throw flour on Pacific Ave in downtown Santa Cruz or schools. People think it is poison and they call the cops. Use Chalk instead.


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