Being a beermeister is the most important job in the hash. In return for doing it, you get to hash for free! Below is a list of who has signed up.

December 2023dBASED & Occasional Rapist
January 2024Fap Jack
February 2024Steamy Baanorhea
March 2024Rubrick’s Pube
April 2024Rubrick’s Pube
May 2024Steamy Baanorhea
June 2024
July 2024dBASE & Occasional Rapist
August 2024
September 2024Bacon Queef
October 2024Rubrick’s Pube
November 2024
December 2024dBase & Occasional Rapist
Here is a list of who has done it in the past

Early March 2020Rubrick’s Pube
mid March 2020 – May 2021none due to Covid
June 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
July 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
August 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
September 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
October 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
November 2021Baker’s Dozen’t
December 2021dBASED & Occasional Rapist
January 2022Steamy Baanoreah
February 2022Courtesy Flush
March 2022dBASED and Occasional Rapist
April 2022Pee School
May 2022Timmy
June 2022Pink Cherry Licker
July 2022Rainbow Butthole and Wines like a Bitch
Wharf to Barf 2022dBASED
August 2022Steamy Baanoreah
September 2022Steamy Baanoreah
October 2022Steamy Baanoreah
November 2022Steamy Baanoreah
December 2022dBASED and Occasional Rapist
January 2023dBASED (1st week)/Steamy Baanoreah
February 2023Timmy!!
March 2023Flours for Anal Bum
April 2023Steamy Baanoreah
May 2023Bacon Queef
June 2023PCL
July 2023dBASED & Occasional Rapist
August 2023Steamy Baanoreah
September 2023Steamy Baanoreah
October 2023Steamy Baanoreah
November 2023Steamy Baanoreah