Wharf to Barf

Surf City H3 Presents:

Wharf to Barf Weekend 2019:  RenaiSAUCED Faire
July 25-28, 2019        

Thursday, July 25th at 6:33pm – Hash #1036:  W2B Pre-lube Hash
Theme:  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Regular Surf City Hash
Hares:  Shallow Hole and Rubick’s Pube
Start Location:  Tyrolean Inn
Address:  9600 HWY 9 in Ben Lomond
Details:  We’re going on a quest to find the holy grail (and beer).  Watch the movie again to get costume ideas!
Trail Type– TBA
Religion:  TBA
Cost: The usual $8 (not included in W2B rego fee)

Friday, July 26th at 7:00 pm – Hash #1037 Pub Crawl
Costume Theme:  Corsets and Codpieces!
The hash will be buying some pitchers of beer at first couple stops, but please bring extra cash and ID if you want more drinks and cocktails to get extra sauced.     
Hares:  Pink Cherry Licker and Fap Jack
Details:  TBA
Address:  TBA
Cost: Included in your W2B Rego.  Walk up Price $20

Saturday, July 27 th from 12:00 pm- 5:00 PM.  Hash #1038: Trail, Beer, Medieval Games and Picnic
Location:  DeLaveaga Park, Forty Thieves Picnic Area.  850 Branciforte Drive, Santa Cruz
Map of DeLaveaga Park
Details:  There will be beer, wine, trail, food, religion.  There are picnic tables with benches, but feel free to bring comfy chairs.  Dogs are allowed in the park as long as they are on leashes.
Hares:  Dung Fu Grip and Bakers Dozen’t
Cost: Included in your W2B Rego.  Walk up Price $40

Sunday, July 28 th:  Bloody Sunday/Post Race Brunch/Hangover Hash #1039
Racists:       7:00 am- Bloody Mary’s and donuts!
Hosts:  TBA
Location:  TBA
Details:   TBA
8:3o am – Wharf to Wharf R*ce:  Starting line is the Boardwalk and Cliff Street.        Finish line is in Capitola Village

Everyone:  9:30 am – Brunch Pool Party
Location:  CumFart Zone’s Surf Retreat , 101 Grand Ave, Capitola.  
Details:  Gather round the  pool and Apt #15. Have a drink and a nosh with the r*cists as they arrive.  Give them a ride back.  Bring your suit and go for a dip in the pool.  More info regarding neighborhood parking passes will be announced closer to the date.
Cost:  Included in your rego, walk up price $10

1:00 pm- Hangover Hash # 1039  
Hares:  TBA
Start Location:  TBA
Details:  TBA
Cost: Entire day is included in your rego, walk up Price $8

Other General Information:  
If you can’t attend the entire weekend:  You won’t have as much fun as us, but you can still cum!  Just show up and pay the walk up price listed in the itinerary.

R*cists: Wharf to Barf Hash weekend registration does NOT include race entry to the official Wharf to Wharf race.  It sells out fast, but you can often find bibs for sale on craigslist.  Hashers sometimes post bibs for sale on the Surf City Facebook Group page.  If you don’t have a bib, you can try bandit running it, but you may get kicked off the course.  If you get kicked off the course, go to the nearest bar.

Crash Space:  There’s no official hash hotel and all Santa Cruz area hotels fill up early because of the race.  Usually hashers are willing to provide crash space. Please post your request on the SCH3 general Facebook group or on the Facebook Wharf to Barf  event page. If you don’t get a response, email the GM, Shallow Hole: shallowhole88@gmail.com

Shirts:  You can order your own shit from Zazzle.  More details to follow.

Questions:  shallowhole88@gmail.com

Weekend Registration:  Includes 3 days of drinking and debauchery!

Early    Bird Rego    – $69   Until 5/31/19!  

Second Round –  $79 from June 1- July 1, 2019

Third Round:  $89 from July 2- July 25, 2019

Option 1:  Register Online.  Rego Form:  https://forms.gle/WxXL3uaxb2hdwGtf9

PayPal:   www.paypal.me/shallowhole.  Please use the “friends and family” option to avoid fees.  And please put your Hash Name in the comments so we know who you are.  

Venmo:  www.venmo.com/Denise-Wax

Option 2: Detach the bottom of this form and mail to Shallow Hole with cash or a personal check.

Make check payable to: Surf City H3 and mail to:
Denise Wax, 211 Belair Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066


Hash Name:________________________________________________________________

Mortal (Real) Name:__________________________________________________________

Home Hash:  ____Surf City H3  ____Other___________________________________

Food:  ___ No preference   ___Veggie (dairy ok)  ___Vegan Other:______________

Email:_________________________________  Phone ______________________________

🙿 I am aware of, and voluntarily accept all risk of coming to this event.  If I am injured I agree hold harmless Surf City H3, other Hashers involved with Wharf to Barf, the hosts of venues, suppliers of products and services and anyone connected with this event. In others words, I take full responsibility for my own actions and will not drag anyone’s ass to court. Like any other Hash event,    if I get hurt, it’s my own damn fault.