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Hash Trash #969

Hash trash # 969

We started at the “renegade lot” on the side of Hwy 1, near Wilder Ranch.  This hash was billed as “EndofPavement Day”. Seems fitting…renegades/hashers, end of pavement aka shiggy. I like how they use those endearing terms to lure you in.

So many happy folks just waiting to encounter shiggy, ticks, and mountain lions.
Vag Repair kit is beyond ecstatic.
So is
Ho to Housewife.
Curtesy Flush is leaping in an attempt to fling off some tagalong ticks.
And  the hares decided to be twins for a day!

At the start we were warned that  should the Eagles misstep or slip, they might even get their shoes wet. A few unfortunate folks did get moist.
Dog Breath promised/lied to keep the checks to a minimum on Eagle Trail. Still people managed to get somewhat lost and when they finally got back to civilization they shouted and waved frantically along with excessive whistle blowing.
. Religion will be in the clearing near the Green Leachate Release Valve box.

Beer check and religion were a few steps apart. Great planning.

Thump found a headlight on trail…turns out Bakers lost more than that as he was haring….he also lost a jacket and his sanity. But he was rewarded for 100 hashes…so it must have been worth it.

DBased bragged about his dry shoes at Religion…only because he short cutted trail. CumYouWillNot, Timmy and Goldiloxxx had wet shoes, meaning they actually did the official trail.

Gorilla Whorefare and DBased wore some confusing clothing but in these days of gender mindf8cks these guys have no problem wearing girlie tights. Most of the pack took their chances with the ticks and PO but Vag simply refuses to wear long pants or shiggy socks…yet complains loudly about the dreaded poison oak.

We were told that back in the day all the women wore the required Mennonite costume to protect them from the critters and lecherous men.


Timmy was a FRB as a self proclaimed old guy. He was not gonna leave that bottle of LC at the beach cave. He ended up doing a few extra miles to ensure he would get a long pull on a short bottle.

Backsliders included Beach Cummer and Twist the head and *&%$!!

Fun evening, great views, and mandatory tick checks!


On On On



Hash Trash #968

I am simply amazed at all the happy and smiling folks who made it to the start at Pour Taproom. Especially after the grueling festivities of Red Dress. They must have put something in the water cause these people are so freakin happy!  Half of our pack now works at Pour…so you know they are living large, eating up all the grub and drinking the taps dry.

Out on the mean streets of Santa Cruz we assemble for yet another clusterf*ck.  Turns out there was a hare snare fiasco. Fap managed to escape but his buddy got caught. Cold Smegma didn’t get the memo that he needs not only to be lightening fast with this group but also stealthy. Key word is STEALTHY!!  .


The other half of the group who doesn’t work at Pour decided not to do trail and instead opted for Gorilla Sake Checks and other libations. To add salt to this festering wound, Cunt Jungle and Curtesy Flush also decide to have ice cream! They too have forgotten that this is supposed to be a hash not a 7th grade first date.

Meanwhile the rest of the halfminds try to outrun the homeless. Just another regular night in Santa Cruz.


At Religion Pinky was our demanding RA.

Turns out Timmy forgot the down down beer. Hmmmm.

Check and Dong spent way too much time inspecting bridges.

Bakers got busted lounging in the Red Room.

CumFartZone thinks she is a comedian with her musings about trail mix.

Broke Bench celebrated his 10th anniversary of Red Dress. And his wardrobe continues to expand along with his consciousness.

A few folks can’t follow simple rules: Wicked, Cold Smegma and Banana to name a few. Really should include the whole damn pack. You can see how exasperated Shallow is!

Banana mused about flour and we gave Dbased a down down for 800 hashes!

Well another wonderful hash is int he books despite all the rule breakers!


On On On


Hash #966

Hash #966 Santa Cruz Slug Fest

Hares Timmy and Courtesy Flush decreed that this would be a hometown SC hash and thus ordered everyone to don some form of appropriate attire such as a Banana Slug or Santa Cruz shirt/ hat/socks. Or if you are brave or simply stupid  you can rock the complete Sammy the Slug mascot outfit.

And once you have your necessary attire you can show up at  Humble Seas Brewery on the wild west side of town.


I guess Banana was the only one who got the memo!



Fap did not rock the outfit but he did manage to give us a high five.

Chewy and Shallow bonded again.

Happy slugs slogging across the road.



Not sure if we should proceed cause we can’t seem t follow the rules.


Somehow we ended up at Mitchel’s Cove – a favorite haunt.






Looks like they behaved on the beach.



And off to religion we go.




Broke Bench carrying his portable heater, his substitute blankie.




Banana Basher in his full regalia…or simply a t-shirt….at least it is yellow.






Puff is in the hot seat.



Hash #965

Hash Trash #965

On a perfectly lovely Thursday evening the pack gathered at the Santa Cruz Wharf for “Taco Thursday” at Olitas.

Who can turn down a pint and a taco for a mere 7 bucks?

The bargain hunters hungrily munched and imbibed and occasionally lifted their heads up to see the gorgeous view.

The pack set off down the wharf with full bellies and half minds.

One hasher was particularly exuberant.

The others dutifully marched along….until they reached beer check at the home of a very celebrated women.

This  women…at the top of the stair in the pink shirt….is none other than the AMAZING 85 yr old marathon runner…Katherine Beiers. In case you missed her story:

And she’s also on YouTube:

I am not sure how DBased was able to coordinate this but we were grateful for the chance to meet her.

After this high point in the evening we had to succumb to the low point of religion under the trestle.




Our Hare DBased and Cold Smegma Kamakazi

GoldiLoxxx from Monterey invites us to his Stinko de Mayo hash and even has nifty flyers to hand out. 

Six always manages to show up at the right time…also known as miller time.

Hash Trash #964

Hash Trash #964

Today is Monday made the trek over the hill to hare this most special hash…..a hash that celebrates a surreptitious event that brings so much joy to so many.

This passionate hasher showed off his rad baking skills and brought delicious 420 brownies to share with everyone at the start. Well everyone except CumFartZone, who is a lightweight and who must keep her wits about her in order to be a diligent scribe.

Today is Monday is either checking in with his dealer, his probation officer, or consulting GPS to ensure that nobody gets lost on his trail….well one out of three is true….guess which one.

I am sure there WAS a NO TRESPASSING sign on those barricades prior to this hash….but Today Is Monday is a fearless and reckless hare so anything goes.

He led the pack deep into the woods, into the unknown and prayed that they made their way back safely.

These two became self absorbed in the magic of the woods and starting a frenzied selfie marathon….so much so that when they finally exited the woods they realized there were missing some items: a cell phone, a wallet and their dignity.

Luckily Captain Save A Ho aka Baker’s Dozen’t gallantly retreats into the bowels of Pogonip to search for the valuable items. Despite his gargantuan efforts he emerges from the dank underworld empty handed. Luckily the two scalawags have enough sense to go back the next day day and follow their breadcrumbs and beer caps right to their most prized possessions.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack imbibes at Bocci’s Cellar and then meanders down to Shanty Shack.

  Shanty Shack provided great beer, awesome tacos, and a brilliantly played game of Jenga.

Vag and Bakers showing some love.

Yummy tacos Ho To Housewife has that magic touch.  Besides Jenga she has other marketable skills.


Finally we trudge up the road for the requisite Religion Circle.

Cum you will not and her naughty friend , Virgin Michelle, quickly dropped trow,, danced around the circle and gleefully showed us all her butt. Accuprick immediately named her Pinch the Head and Twist after she launched into her personal method for removing ticks and other pests.

Today is Monday was honored for his memorable 420 hash and of course we had to do the full rendition of his song. This was his first Surf City Haring, although I believe he has 50 hashes under his belt.


At this point the crowd was quite unruly. The backsliders were called up…..My little Bony, Six O Nine, and maybe NoFilm??

At this point the evening was a hazy blur but everyone left happy. Happy 420 week!!

On On On