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Hash 772 or Lost: the Santa Cruz Episode

Hares Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife are transplants from lands further east and still have a lot to learn about tide and oceanography from what we learned on this trail, or maybe they didn’t even lay trail – we’ll never know. Hashers wandered aimlessly trying to figure out where they were and where they were going, which might have been what the hares were doing too from the looks of this trail.

Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife before they head into this lost of lost trails
Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife before the lost of lost trails

It all started at Coasters Bar and Grill at the Boardwalk Bowl. The rain didn’t stop this group of hashers who probably had nothing better to do anyway. These half-minds eyed the dry, warm karaoke stage as they drank up some stamina for a wet and what everyone thought might be an arduous trail with the typically oblivious Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife leading the way. Tits & Game was passing her own secret sauce under the table, which everyone wanted a sample of, of course. Accuprick bragged about an upcoming hot date as he muttered from table to table, “goin crabbin in the morning” and hoped anyone was listening.

Co-GM ThmpThmp finally circled the hashers up while rain pelted these (many) delicate hashers, most of them wouldn’t make it more than a half mile before turning back to the bar to wait it out until religion.

Still, the Hashers now wet & ready took off.


Trail started in front of the Boardwalk and it looked like things were starting off well when an LC greeted hashers right off the bat just before heading out to the beach. The spiced rum warmed hashers up as they headed on out. Now remember, it was raining, dark, and we’re talking about a trail laid on a beach. Trail was found close to the waterline and only one hasher braved the river in search of trail on the other side. The rest ran further down the beach. There was quicksand on trail and ThmpThmp was nearly lost until some fellow hashers pulled him through, which probably shocked him (as it should).

Wandering the beach looking for trail that couldn’t be found, dBASED appeared from who knows where (as usual) and told Stub Rub, ThmTmp, and Twisted Fister, “I think we should go back.” Of course no one listened, but everyone knew that if dBASED is telling hashers to go back then things are pretty bad. Hashers scattered in all directions trying to find trail. There were rumors about trail on the other side of the river, on the trestle, in the beach flats, and a washed away YBF. No one knows because no one could find it. There was probably a man clicking a button somewhere that no one found either. “Are You?…Lost is what we are” became common call and response on this night.

Is that trail? Yea, no one else knew either.

At this point, most hashers were back at the bar reading over the song list and trying to stay upright on their bar stools.

Shallow Hole, Puff the Magic Drag Queen, and Just Frank left the pack and found trail on the other side of the trestle, in Seabright, and down the river levee where they found a false. Puff found an arrow by Mobo’s Sushi and nothing else after so they gave up and walked to religion. They were walking in Beach Hill and Timmy! drove by in his truck and told them where the new religion was held.

Meanwhile, ThmpThmp, Twisted Fister, Stub Rub and me, Cock Throbbin, wandered around the Beach Flats looking for trail with no success. ThmpTmp thought the moon might guide him since it was his time of the month. We think it’s always his “time” so we just nodded and followed along.

Stub Rub decided it was time to stop messing around and called in some favors, putting security on the hares. Telling then, “they gotta bag & it is NOT flour, just ask them how tide works and you’ll see they’ve lost their minds.” There were votes being cast for worst trail.

The rain started up again and these half minds gave up. There was no trail in sight and it was time to make our way to beer check, which hashers guessed might be under the train trestle by the Dream Inn. I left these wankers there walking the levee to get out of the rain that much faster and as I made my way to beer check, snared a hare! It appears there really was a trail laid and they weren’t just seeking shelter somewhere laughing down on us all.

Hashers slowly wandered into beer check with a fancy vegan buffet that helped everyone forget this disaster of a trail, at least until religion started. Ho to Housewife kept asking if anyone was allergic to nuts, but everyone was a BIG fan of nuts in this group. Tits & Game told everyone to start smearing. A charming group of trestlers, who no one had noticed sharing our shelter from the storm, confused us for nice hippy folk and approached the hashers with an offer of cheap hemp bracelets. Hashers responded by breaking into song. Just Foot Pussy compared rashes with Dung Fu and won…leave it to hashers to proudly compete for best rashes. Who knows where they got ’em and no one is asking.

Religion started in the same place since there was no other shelter to be found. Led by Religious Advisor Accuprick who asked for a volunteer beer fairy, but the only service hashers know is being serviced. So Twisted Fister was selected as the pretty beer fairy for the evening.

Religion started with what was on everyone’s minds. “Anyone who did the whole true trail come up.” Big shocker, only the hares approached and were given a down down. The major crime on trail was that there was no trail.

Six Hashers went from LC to the bar…not including who was still at the bar, of course.

CheekNDong was visiting from SLUT and invited hashers to crash at his place for a future SLUT hash. Hashers have been forewarned. He was called for hat at religion and given a down down.

CheekNDong and others at Religion
CheekNDong and Accuprick at Religion

Courtesy Flush was called for courtesy on trail for saving a fish washed up on the beach. Ho to Housewife, the vegan, said “that’s so cute” while the rest of the hashers asked “can anyone save my fish?” Courtesy Flush was renamed, CourteFishy Flush for the evening.

Grocho Cocks was called out for peeing in circle and forgot his own name when he was called up and given a down down that he probably doesn’t remember.

Grocho Cocks, yes, that is your name.

Shallow was called out for her rock hard ass that hashers asked to see again and again.

Bacon Queef and Tits & Game were called up for the crime of swapping on trail. Bacon Queef gagged on her own name as she told hashers what happened then finally swallowed and confessed that Tits & Game traded her socks when she complained about chaffing on trail.

Many government names were spoken on trail and Stub Rub, Just Foot Pussy, Twisted Fister were given down downs for those crimes.

gov names

There was a Hare Snare that Cock Throbbin was given a down down for.

Hares Dung Fu & Ho to Housewife were called up one last time for what just might be the worst trail this year and given a down down.

Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife
Dung Fu and Ho to Housewife

Hashers went back to Coasters Bar and Grill for On-On-On. Where Puff the Magic Drag Queen & Cock Throbbin threatened to duet Islands in The Stream but Puff ran away before that could happen. Just Foot Pussy represented hashers, dominating the karaoke stage with Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive and Hooker on Kronix, Bitch dominated the dance floor. That was the end of this hash that may still be going on somewhere, we’ll never know since we never really found it.

On on!
Cock Throbbin’

Hash Trash, Trail 771

Hash 771 brought tears to our eyes, blood to our skin and fright to our spirits, but no smiles to our faces!


We met at The Blue in Seabright, which some of you may remember as the place we re-located to after Thmp-Thmp failed to coerce the POPO into letting us stay at the Museum of Natural History park. I guess age changes everything, as he somehow got Princess to marry him years ago.

The bar was full of hashers, literally, we were the only ones there. Our bartender was on a break from his nation-wide Phish phollowing and I’m sure was glad to see us and make a little bit of money on a lonely Thursday night. Seems he was working a side job to cover his financial shortages as there was a large delivery of happy birthday balloons while we were there. Nitrous anyone?

While mingling I met a few new(ish) faces. We had the return of Just Randy, a joyous fellow who apparently did his first hash in flip flops. He decided to tone it down a bit last week and went fashion forward in some nifty hiking boots. Let me tell you though, I think this guy would have a great time no matter what he is doing or wearing. We also had two visitors join us. Wino joined us from The Hague Hash (Den Haag) and also Mr Wiggley from the Can’d Hash. I didn’t see Wino much on trail, I suspect he took a couple wine breaks with some of the local SC homeless crowds. Mr Wiggley was an FRB for most of trail, helping us solve checks… or was he? Once the mingling was done the pack circled up then took off on trail to hunt down hares Thmp-Thmp & Twisted Fister.


Trail seemed to be all fine and dandy, even with the rain the night before, until you had checks that led you into long, dirt alleys and were quite spooky. I was trying to solve one check and was so spooked I may have called it quits a bit early on the search and sprinted back to the pack. All worked out and I left the alley checks to braver souls. This ended up being a bad idea as Dung Fu was certain he solved a check and convinced us all to follow him. I saw him paused down at the bottom of the harbor watching myself and Shallow Hole come down, I thought this was the Hariette check hares Thmp-Thmp & Twisted Fister told us about before laying trail. Nope! It was a YBF! Dung Fu said everything on the hash is a team effort so he wanted us to have a full experience by running down then right back up the hill. Thanks Dung Fu, we appreciate you being a team player!

We did finally find the Hariette check, and it was solved by none other than our most notorious racist of all, Shallow Hole. dBASED did try to speed things up a bit and I think I saw him trying to fashion his long sleeve shirt into a running skirt to help solve this check. Thanks for going down that alley for me, Shallow, you are a brave woman!

As trail wrapped up we were running through a quiet little Seabright neighborhood and heard a man yelling out from his house “trail goes through Oceanview Park”, no idea who this man was but I’m glad we didn’t listen to him too much as I don’t recall trail ever passing through there. I think this was a clever plant by our hares to buy themselves some more time. Sorry guys!

Finally, we rounded the corner to beer check. I’m still not sure who’s house we were at and for the majority of our visit I thought it was Casa de Puff. Someone may have made a comment about a previous hasher, Drop N’ Blow Me, setting up this beer near location. For those who don’t know it, and to keep my ramblings as short as possible, I will let you find out those stories on your own.

After downing our beers we then progressed on over to Casa de Puff, who shares his home with Dung Fu and Sascha the cat.

As soon as we arrived at Puff’s the stoner crowd quickly took off for the garage and could be seen huddling around one another. What a loving little group 🙂 First order of business was choosing beer fairy and once again it was Just Foot Pussy. Am I seeing a trend here? That tiara is starting to look like normal attire on this guy, very fancy.

beer fairy

Those of us who made it to AGM were gifted “blow me” whistles on a convenient lanyard by Princess & Thmp-Thmp, so there was no excuse for not having one this week. Those who didn’t have them were brought up and given their down-downs. The guilty included Fucked Over Fest, Occasional Rapist, Wino, Wicked, Dung Fu, Mr Wiggley & The Human Pube. If you didn’t get one at AGM I believe they are selling them for $5 a pop. Just Randy was first in line to get his whistle, although I don’t think this man would mind getting called up for a down-down 🙂

Our guests had a little treat for us, Mr Wiggley told us a joke about a blind prostitute and Wino had us join him in singing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’. Dung Fu tried to welcome them with his own song and all he got back from the pack were distorted, blank faces. That was a pretty shitty song.

Next up was breaking in our fresh blood, Virgin John, who sleeps with Just Foot Pussy. We weren’t sure where Bacon Queef fit into this equation and she wasn’t there to tell us herself so we have all made up our version of the truth in our heads. He told us a funny little joke which touted his 10 inch weenie. Ummm, why not the flash then? This man is all bark and no bite! I did run into him the next day at Salsa’s in Scotts Valley, turns out he is a vegetarian but I was of course very pleased to hear him ordering a vegan lunch 🙂 He says he will be back this week, let’s see if he’s a liar or not 🙂

Lots of crimes on trail it seems! Dog Breath and Cumcerto were brought up to tell us the story of the mud wrestling they did on the railroad tracks. I don’t think Cumcerto will be wearing white to another hash anytime soon, at least not when Dog Breath is present. You know how dirty those dogs get!

Turns out Wicked wasn’t present for his Biggest Wanker award the week before so he received it this week. Thanks for sticking around with us Wicked, I know you probably left AGM because you are way to refined for us once we start drinking 🙂

Shallow Hole was called out for texting Thmp-Thmp about trail distance. That racist woman needs to get all her miles in, at any cost. Dung Fu tried to race down a car full of hashers and went splat on the sidewalk when he didn’t see a driveway dip. He seems to be healing just fine. As we were singing a nice, clean hash song to them a little girl came out from the neighbor’s house. I heard Puff praying that she would not go to school singing the new songs she learned that night. This is Santa Cruz, she could probably teach us a song or two.

Just Foot Pussy is still recovering from his motorcycle crash and was grabbing his ass the entire way on trail. I ran past him at one point and he said he was going to catch up. Not this week Foot Pussy, not this week, but you get an F for effort.

foot pussy holding ass

There were two special analversaries, Fap Jack celebrated his 50th hash and Pink Cherry Licker (who prefers to be called Pink Cherry Liquor) celebrated her 25th hash. Wonder what they did to celebrate when they got home? Let’s not forget that Fap Jack got called out by the pack for using technology on trail and giving directions to PCL.

fap and pcl

TIMMY!!! was celebrated as the new beermesiter, Hugh is very happy with her retirement from the position after 3-5 years of amazing service. No one really knew how long she had been doing it, half-minds!

Last order of bid-ness were a few annoucements! dBASED and Occasional Rapist will be haring the Can’d hash this weekend, Nov 22nd in Ft Ord. They touted that it would be only $5 and there would be lots of titties. What a deal!

This week, trail will start at Coaster’s Bar & Grill across from the Boardwalk (this is the bar inside the bowling alley). Be warned that you WILL need a flashlight, it’s seriously in your best interest. Forecast also predicts rain. Come prepared for a trail laid by Dung Fu & yours truly.

On On,

Ho to Housewife

Hash Trash # 770, and Surf City H3 AGM on November 6, 2014

770agmHappy New Year Wankers!  Goodbye to year 13 and hello to the 14th year of Surf City H3!  The festivities were held at El Palomar.  They put us degenerates in a small room off to the side so we wouldn’t bother anyone.

Oh the mammories. ………   Year 13 was a great year!  Wasn’t it?  Thanks to all of Mismanagement and especially to our GM Royal Couple Princess Di(arrhea) and Thmp-Thmp for all their hard work.  Dealing with a bunch of drunken hashers is like herding cats.  Thmp-Thmp successfully intervened on our behalf and asked cops and security guards (nicely) not to bust us.  Remember the anthrax scare up at UCSC?  In case you were too inebriated to remember, the beer was flowing, the trails were shitty, and we added a bunch of new Wankers to the kennel.   dBASED and Dung Fu Grip tried to “out shiggy” each other with their trails.  We toured multiple tunnels, drainage ditches, streams, homeless encampments, and other precarious places.  We had some interesting themed hashes this year.  Aside from the usual Halloweenie Costume Hash, Toys for Tots and Pirate Hash, we had a first ever Krampus Hash, Big Lebowski Hash, Bike Hash, and a Dressed to the (sixty) 9’s Hash.   Surf City H3 put on some great events this year.  The Red Dress Run and Wharf to Barf were fucking awesome!  Sloshed Ball returned after 5 year hiatus.  We beat the crap out of Team Simon G String (again)!   Fuck Ya!  Even with the athletic young studs they recruited for their team!   Surf City Hashers took the party on the road and attended numerous events this year, such as North South Intercourse, Betty Ford, Bay to Blackout, and Red Dress Runs in Monterey, Silicone Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, SLO and Las Vegas!  We lost the hippy several times, but found her again.  Next time we’re using a leash.

770GMsThe evening started out with trail # 770.  Princess Di(arrhea) and Thmp-Thmp were Hares.  There was a trail?  What trail?  Yes, it was short.  It was less than 1 mile, and lead us to The Red Room for a liquor check.  Everybody got potent but tasty shots of some sort of hard liquor, before walking to Oswald’s parking garage for Religion.  Accuprick was RA, and Vince Lamblowme was Beer Fairy.  Dog Breath got a down down for being the whore of the hash.  What do you expect from a dog in heat?  Visitors, No film and Shady Curtains were welcomed to the hash.  Hooker on Kronix, Bitch drank for being a backslider.  Groucho Cocks complained trail wasn’t long enough.  Old timers, Banana Basher, dBASED, Puff the Magic Drag Queen, and Dog Breath drank for being at the first ever Surf City H3 AGM.  Next were analversaries.  Twat Did You Say? celebrated her 69th , Broke Bench Mountain celebrated his 225th and Hugh Heifer celebrated her 350th Surf City hash!  Get a life!  And the Hares……………….

Hashers stumbled back to El Palomar for a face feed, more booze, and the erection results.  Ballot counting seemed to take forever.  Hashers started to get restless and started a tortilla chip food fight (that I may or may not have been part of).   Things got a little out of control when Broke bench Mountain started lighting chis on fire.  Who knew those things could burn?  Grandpa Banana Basher and senile citizen TIMMY!!! scolded the immature drunks for their behavior.

Next were the awards:

New hashers named this year were called up for a down down:  Groucho Cocks, Just Foot Pussy, Beer Queef, Electric Labia Land, Hooker on Kronix, Ho to Housewife, Cock throbbin’, Summers Yeast and Stub Rub

Hugh Heifer:  Retiring after 5 years of Beer Meister.  She was awarded a gift certificate from Tampico (but who knows whether she will be able to use it since she got kicked out of there during the Wharf to Barf pub crawl).

770mismanagementYear 13 GM’s and Mismanagement were acknowledged with a down down

Banana Basher was recognized as our hash Founder770BB




Erection Results:

And the big wieners from the AGM erection and your Year 14 Mismanagement:

770scribesScribes – Shallow Hole, Ho to Housewife and Cock Throbbin

RAs – AccuPrick and Dung-Fu Grip



770fisterHare Raiser – Twisted Fister

Co-Haberdashers – FapJack and Pink Cherry Licker



770timmyBeer Meister – Timmy!!!

On-Sec – dBASED

Co-GMs – Thmp-Thmp and Princess Di(arrhea)


Best Trail Award:  Tie between 1)  Hugh Heifer, Occasional Rapist and Shallow Hole for the Red Dress Trail and 2) Dung Fu Grip and Shallow Hole for the UCSC Twin Gates trail.  Don’t worry Wankers, I won’t get a big head for being nominated twice.  I was also nominated for worst trail too.  Every Hare knows that even the best planned trail can go horribly wrong.  Just means I was involved in “memorable trails”.

770BQThe award for stupidest thing done on trail went to Bacon Queef for getting detained by the cops when laying her first trail.

Best Hash Trash:  Pink Cherry Licker’s Toys for Tots trash.  It was a brilliant parody of the Night Before Christmas.770pcl


Biggest Wanker- Wicked Retahted

Worst Trail- Phillis Driller

Bring on Year 14!  Looking forward to another year of shitty trails!  Sorry to see my former Co-Scribes, Occasional Rapist and Pink Cherry Licker move on.   But welcome new Co-Scribes, Cock Throbbin’ and Ho to Housewife!  I’m sure they will enjoy dishing out the trash as much as I do.

On On,

Shallow Hole

Surf City H3 Year 14

Harriers and Harriettes,

Thirteen was quite a year, right? We named 19 Hashers (at least), won Sloshed Ball, Occasional Rapist hared 15! trails, Banana Basher hit 100! hares, Puff hit 750! hashes, Timmy!!! officially became a senior shitizen, nobody knows which way dBASED went, and our longtime Beer Meistress lugged her last cooler load. Ahhh, sweet beer-soaked mammaries of Year 13…. and another year of hashing has hit the shit can.

Sooo…looking ahead (who said head?), here are the big wieners from the AGM erection and your Year 14 Mismanagement:
Scribes – Shallow Hole, Ho to Housewife and Cock Throbbin
RAs – AccuPrick and Dung-Fu Grip
Hare Raiser – Twisted Fister
Co-Haberdashers – FapJack and Pink Cherry Licker
Beer Meister – Timmy!!!
On-Sec – dBASED
Co-GMs – Thmp-Thmp and Princess Di(arrhea)

A very important thing about Year 14…straight up, we don’t want anyone putting themselves or others in danger on the roads. Are you willing to offer post-hash crash space to a wanker who should not drive? Please let me know and mention what part of town you live in. A list will be put together along with taxi phone numbers on small laminated cards for everyone’s lanyard.

Got ideas about stuff? We do have traditions, but there’s always room for fun new ones! We’ll have some open Mismanagement meetings this year, so cum share your idears. The first one will be in January (date TBD).

Cheers to another year of beer, boobs and song!

Princess Di(arrhea)

Hash Trash# 769: Twas’ the Night Before HalloWEENIE!


Twas’ the night before Halloweenie, some half minds set out to hash
Bunch of creepers end up showing, some of them got a bit smashed

Hash 769 will never live up to it’s expectations but there was plenty of trick or treating along the way.

We started out at the home of Occasional Rapist and dBASED, where hashers showed up in costumes ranging from innocent cuddly ones such as Slow Nad’s bunny get-up and the more frightening Cock Throbbin’s Banshee. While mingling I overheard Stub Rub and Summer’s Yeast having the old spit or swallow argument, she immediately started whining so I stopped listening and took off for the table of refreshments provided, which I think was just Occasional and dBASE trying to clean out their fridge before taking off for Vegas for the next few days.

Hares Occassional and Shallow

Hares Shallow Hole and Occasional Rapist soon took off, but not before making big promises of a good time to be had. LIARS!! Soon after the pack circled up we came to our first check, where we found it to be littered with what I believe the hares intended to be candy. It looked to me like candle wax in the shape of pumpkins, but I saw several hashers picking these balls of wax up off the ground and eating them while raving about their deliciousness.


Once setting into trail, one couldn’t help but notice how dark it was. Flashlights! I’m not good at the memory game either guys, so I get it! Not only is it difficult to remember what day of the week the hash is on, then to make sure you aren’t arrested for indecent exposure while out (Just Foot Pussy pushed the envelope on this one this week) and to bring your $8 but make sure you remember that flashlight too! Put it in your car, write on your door, do something you half-mind!

The hares had tricks in store for us to go along with their balls of wax. A first attempt at scaring us by dBASED, Pink Cherry Licker, Hugh Heifer and Fap Jack was quite unsuccessful as the pack was pretty grouped up still. Then, later down trail while Cock Throbbin’ and I were running and having some good old racist conversation thinking no one was around, dBASED jumped out from behind a tree and nearly had both of us climbing up it!

Jello Shots

Trail wrapped us down into the Capitola Esplanade and up a mighty little hill to a back check that lead us back into a little single track dirt trail then into liquor check. The Jello Shots at LC were quite a hit, as hashers perhaps hung out here a bit longer than the normal LC and had an extra shot or two and then maybe couldn’t stand up to do down-downs during religion, I’m not mentioning any names (Pink Cherry Licker). Trail was a little difficult to find leaving LC but as tough as Puff might want us to think he is, he quite delicately helped both myself and Cock Throbbin over the wooden fence leaving the park, he said it looked like we were struggling, I think he just wanted to align himself properly for up-skirt photos he takes for his personal collection.

As we returned into residential area, we were reminded how much Santa Cruz loves Halloween with many houses set up more elaborate than most homes at Christmas. Before long we were back to where we started and we all found our way to the beer. While waiting for the entire pack to show up hashers were HOT and pieces of costumes started coming off, one of these was Just Kory’s wig. When the wig came off the heat just started releasing from his body and his head actually started to steam! Big, huge clouds of steam were pouring off the top of this guy’s head!

Off to religion we go! All the hashers snuggled into the backyard of the starting point and soon Dung Fu took off as RA in his party animal costume, selecting Just Foot Pussy as Beer Fairy in his very appropriate Umbrella Girl costume. Did anyone else notice his need to continually show us his silver under-shorts?

Twisted boner and Foot Pussy Umbrella Girl

I can’t even remember how it happened but Grocho Cocks was called up more or less tell us a story about an adventure he and Tits N’ Game went on to buy him some underwear. He’s telling the story and all of a sudden he has lifted up his costume and showed us his purchase which didn’t include anything to cover his trunk! Halloweenie was starting to live up to it’s name already.

We quickly moved onto the costume contest, contestants included Scarilyn Monroe and her Dapper date, a skeleton Dirk Diggler and likely a few others that I forgot. Here is where Puff and I start to have a difference of opinion, I believe the winner was Dirk Diggler, who lost his diggler out on trail, was the winner but Puff lists Hugh as the winner?

What does it matter? There is about to be more festive Halloweenie action! Next order of business was to get our fresh meat up there, Virgin Frank, who came dressed as Wayne with his best Party Time attitude and gave us ladies quite the show with a back and front flash as his Halloweenie treat for us. Tits’ says he’s a nudist, this guy will come in handy for the rare but sought after package checks.

Let’s not forget that we had a naming as well, Just Kory! Here is the next point where puff and I dis-agree. The picked Just Kory over with fascinating questions which seemed to always have similar answers relating to sheep and gonorrhea. He was making this too easy on us, so we quickly sent him away. Now let’s all recall to earlier in the story, where we have just finished trail, where Kory’s head is steaming wildly… don’t think this tid-bit wasn’t mentioned during discussion. We got it down to two names “Screw Ewe” and “Steamy Ba-a-norrhea”, the pack voted and as I recall it Steamy Ba-a-norhhea was the winner but Puff’s age is getting to him and he wrote Steamy Vonorhhea. How will we ever know?

Steamy Naming

Closing announcements were made about upcoming AGM, where Dung Fu tried to get me to do a slideshow that never really existed and then we were swiftly kicked out as our hosts spoke loudly of their early wake up time the next morning. Ya, ya… we get the picture.

And that about wraps it up folks!

On on,

Ho to Housewife