Hash Trash #874 – DeLaVeaga Golf Course, the hard way!

The trash for 874 and 875 are going to be a mix of bold-faced lies and straight up plagiarizing from Puff’s Hash Flash emails  since the scribes decided to skip the thursday bullshit and I thought Courtesy Flush was worth putting trust in (my bad!)
That said:
Start at Moe's Alley
Start at Moe’s Alley

We’ve survived an attack by three horrible hares. Lots of uphill, lots of poison oak, a cemetery and a beertendress that couldn’t wait to get the hell rid of us. None of these characteristics are indicative of a good trail. A trail employing a trio of hares, especially ones of such low quality, exhibit an innate tendency towards a high degree of entropy. Curse them and their progeny.

It appears the start was at Moe’s Alley and trail went through a variety of golf course like areas and forest, all of it looked like bullshit from the photos. Beer check was by Harbor High School and religion was led by Accuprick and Milkacockus was beer fairy.

Trying to escape the hell that is trail!
Trying to escape the hell that is trail!

Courtesy Flush, Pink Cherry Licker and Broke Bench Mountain were punished for missing trail. That explains why Courtesy couldn’t fill in as scribe as he said he would! Hangs loose got a down down for his pansy ass fear of PO. Zion got his official name of Junk Puncher and his parents got a down down for that as well. Our hares found some nice alliteration with Slonad, Stubrub  and Steamy Baaanorhea and we hope they don’t find each other again.

And the hares!
And the hares!
       We set another milestone on Flickr the past week. Viewings of our Flash have passed the two-and-a-half-MILLION mark. you’re an international laughing stock.

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