Hash Trash #648

Recalling this hash was torture. Only good thing about this trail was the start location and the company. TIMMY! was back from Africa and passed out weird plastic liquor filled packets, Gin in one I tried (an aquired taste I’m afraid, but interesting).  We had returning visitor’s Camel Stamp and Cumma Cumma Cummanda for the night, and Comrade Fossil Fucker whom ran his first SC hash. Shallow Hole brought a virgin, Trista. Hare trio Thmp Thmp, Cuff my muff and Pricess Di-arrhea tortured us with not just one fucked up trail but two! Eagle and Seagull.  We trampled through many back streets of Live Oak by the beach.  Wet feral pussy and I we’re practically DFL’s d/t the markings we did or didn’t see, we got fucked and missed the liquor check, damn. But in the end we did make it to beer check, luckily we found Thmp Thmp by his car and then the BC, duh marking. We found a large pack of hasher’s at the pool, drinking large quantities of beer. It was a nice complex, and Princess Di=arrehea’s mother used to live in there? My memory is fuzzy, so bare with. Religion was behind the Library on Portola, I thought for sure we’d see a police car drive up at any given moment but we we’re spared. Hairy Potter was RA and Cuff my muff beer fairy. Waxi Pad go this 25th hash patch!, dBASED got down down for forgetting the Hashsit vest at home. Wicked Rhutarded got a down down for holding a private party w Hugh, I think he was trying to smooze her again. Portland Maine Hasher Cumma Cumma Cummanda (CCC) told us a story of how he got named, something about his penis being named Amanda by Camel Stamp? Trista got a treat of their virgin song by CCC and Camel Stamp, to welcome her to the scary world of hashing. Trista sang a hash song with Shallow Hole (weak) and they got down downs cause Trista said her real name. And on and on we went. Have fun in Felton at Hash 649 with Deep Stroke as Hare- I hope she bust your balls! Princess Di-arreha will be taking the scribe hash reins for this night.

On on..

Occasional Rapist

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