Anniversary Hash

Seeing as how Puff and I were the only two Hashers in attendance that were at Norm and Pearl’s wedding 11 years ago, it somehow correct that I was the scribe for this hash. Looking back at Hash trashes back at that time, I can find no mention of Norm and Pearl’s nuptials. Since Puff wrote most of them, I can think of only one reason those nuptials were not mentioned – Jealously. Ya see, as many may not know, Puff used to date Norm.  However, I know there were many in between Pearl for Norm. As best as I can determine, there have none since for Puff.

Norm and Pearl’s wedding was technically a Beer Trollers Hash. Never heard of the Beer Trollers? That’s because I think that might have been the last one there was. Norm was the founder of Beer Trollers and it was a periodic pub crash hash. No running involved usually. Still, if I recall correctly, we might have run some for their M Word run. Norm (and Pearl) wanted to be able to do their M Word run their way, so they decided Beer Trollers was the way to go. I guess the current tyrants of the Monterey Bay Hash (Me) or the Surf City Hash (Giant Athletic Supporter) were not tolerant enough for her composition.

I barely heard the hares pre-run brief or anything else before the pack departed as I was too preoccupied with making sure that this weekend 12 Hashers leave Santa Cruz and return home in one piece after running 191 miles. However, this comment should be ignored as while it has to do with Hashers and some beer, it has nothing to do with Hashing.

Before we get on to this weeks trail, you be wondering, why am I the scribe this week? Well, Occasional Rapist was caught at work in Las Vegas, Pink Cherry Licker was caught doing her third job, and Shallow Hole’s mind was in New Orleans where she was soon headed. I’ll note that it seems Occasional Rapist favorite work activity in Las Vegas was seeing Thunder Down Under with co-workers. How is that for NSFW?

Seeing as how I had hared 3 weeks out of the last 4, I was looking forward to doing trail this week. However, my hashing senses stated there was not going to much of a trail and that turned out to be true. The Hares had a date with Santa Cruz Warriors and nothing was going to deter them. I honestly thought we might head straight to Kaiser stadium, have a beer check close by, and the hares would abandon us.  Instead, the hares ran us in a 1.5 mile loop with beer check across the street from their house. They fooled a few, including me, by having beer check at some patio area instead of in the back parking lot.

When I arrived at beer check, and proclaimed the trail was 1.5 miles long, Last Call Norm proclaimed she said it felt like 2.5. I think what she really meant was 10. That happens when you Hash once a year. Before you go berating the length of this trail, I want to you to know the length of this trail was typical in old Surf City Hash days. Most of the trails we do these might have resulted in hare dismemberment. After the hares caught their breath, and soon after the pack arrived, they were off to see the Warriors. The Hasher who had the hardest time catching their breath was Nippleless Butt. He looked like had run 10 miles in the heat of the day. He did not recover unless Hugh Heffer offered him a dog bowl of water at religion.

The pack wandered across the street to religion. While there, Dog Breath fucked the cat, Diddler on the Roofie peed in the bushes, Dung Fu Grip was the RA with The Human Pube was the Beer Fairy.

The highlight of trail was when My Little Bony saw a horrific car accident and was forced to relieve his horrified eyes at the 007. This caused him to miss the beer check. Amazingly, no one else saw the car accident. He was rewarded for chivalry as well as being a backslider at religion.

The backslider of the week award went to Cumz out my Nose. The Hash caused her such displeasure she actually went to the hospital the next day or so.

Twisted Fister and Shallow Hole checked out the missed Alcohol check from the Lampshade Hash while on trail. Inadvertently, they drug a couple of Hashers with them. They discovered some homeless people had found it. They were rewarded for providing alcohol to homeless people.

This weeks’s anniversary was Timmy for his 420th hash, only a week or so after 4/20.

We had two virgins in Virgin Jessica and Virgin Shane. However, whatever they did must not have been noteworthy as I have no memory of it.

The Hash went in Peace, but I had no rejoicing that night as Occasional Rapist was in Las Vegas. She has promised me some rejoicing this week for submitting this document before Hash 740 begins.


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