Hash Trash # 831: Anal Krampus Hash on 12/10/15

831krampusWe can thank Dung Fu Grip for intruding the legend of Krampus to the hash. Ironically, this year there was a Krampus movie out in theaters.  A bunch of hashers went to see the movie before the hash.  Krampus is “bad Santa” and goes around scaring the crap out of little children to make them behave.  This year Dung Fu Grip chose to start the hash at Brady’s Yacht Club on Seabright.  A bunch of hashers came dressed for the occasion.  Princess Di(arrhea) and Thmp-Thmp wore matching Krampus T-shirts.  How cute!  A bunch of hashers had horns on their head.  It seems like the Brady’s crowd never really knows what to make of the hashers.  We pile into the bar and get in the way of people playing pool at the pool table.  We had 2 831barvisitors from Portland H3, America’s Next Cock Model and Masengal.  Neither of which went to Portland Interam 2015.

Trail was 3.8 miles according to my GPS. Trail got off to a shitty start.  It was dark and raining and the marks were getting washed away.  It went left out the front door of the bar and across the street at the corner of Seabright and Murray, but then we lost trail by the Pacific Climbing Gym.  Ho to Housewife found flour on the railroad tracks, so we all followed her.  There was a check on the other side of the bridge that was particularly difficult to solve.  We fucked around down831visitors by the harbor until someone found marks in the direction of the Crow’s Nest.  We seemed to lose trail again. Flour looks like sand.  A few of the FRB’s went all the way down East Cliff, but had to turn around because someone found trail on 6th Avenue.  Trail went right on Bonnie Street, left on 9th Avenue, right on 8th Avenue, left on Eaton and right on 7th Ave to Brommer back down to the harbor.  There was a liquor check and a Turkey-Eagle split.  The Eagle went down 831boatto the woods, and considering the weather, we decided “fuck this shit” and we followed the Turkey.  It was a very pleasant trip through the harbor because a lot of boats were still lit up from the lighted boat parade the week before.  Beer check was at the lighthouse.  The waves pretty big, and were smashing into the rocks, but luckily no hashers got washed away.

Religion was at the Museum of Natural 831beercheckHistory. They have a cute little outdoor amphitheater.  However we’ve gotten kicked out of her more than once by the cops.  Accuprick was RA and kept religion kind of short.  Hashers were singing very quietly, not to disrupt the neighbors.  Luckily, no cops arrived.  Visitor Masingal was Beer Fairy.  Her and America’s Next Cock Model from Portland H3 were welcomed to the hash.  Today is Monday was presented a patch for his 25th Surf City 831hareHash.  I got a down down for my stupidity of driving over 17 to work without my contacts in and having to wear 2 pairs of glasses all day to see the computer.  Ho to Housewife drank for professing her joys of being vegan to all who would hear.  Thmp-Thmp got lost and ended up snaring the hare and helped to lay the last part of trail.  And last but not least, the Hare…………….

On On,

Shallow Hole

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