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Past Trash: 382

OMG, a long lost hash trash by Hogazm.  This one is for trail 382, which was held the first week of November 2007.

Hash #382 “I’m hiding from the Creekers”

Jiz Bollah, Serial Box, Banana Basher, Pixelated Obscenity, Mrs. Groper, Pussy Sipper, Vince Lamblowme, Green Peace, Hugh Heffer, Choca-cola, Norm, Pearl Necklace, Rod Lover, R-U Cramdin, Dr.Nappy, Butt Balls, Nadya Cumonmy Cheek, Puff, Jordass, Lady Godive Onit, GAS, BJ, Spooge Bath, Finger Nips, Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Auntie Cumima, Tater Tits, Glazed Hole, DBased, Loose Stool, Just Jason, PCP, Just John and moi, Hogazm.

Last week I conducted trash in a backwards fashion. This week I’d like to confuse you even more by installing the evening’s down-downs randomly throughout the course of the story.

PCP gets down-down for 100th hash.

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