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Past Trash: 379

Check out the title of this hash and now you know why it might be a good read.  Written by Hogazm for trail 379, which took place back in October 0f 2007.  (Note – It was a bad trail.)


Hare: Piss In Booths Hounds: Banana Basher, Beaver Whacker, Auntie Cumima, Jiz Bollah, GAS, Serial Box, Dr. Nappy Headed Hoe, Rod Lover, Vince Lamblowme, Green Peace, Pixilated Obscenity, TIMMY, Puff the Magic Drag Queen, Ralph-U-Crammed In, Daddy Warbucks, Butt Balls, Spooge Bath No Pants, PCP, Just Tom, Pearl Necklace, Last Call Norm, Choca-cola, Little Anal Annie, Just Kirin, Harry Potter, Just Rupert, Fowl Balls, and Hogazm.

This trail was soooooooo bad that I hear my mother’s voice talking in the back of my head, saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Sorry mama.


This trail was so bad that I think I’m gonna go home sick from work today because after traveling so many miles out in the dark cold night, I feel seriously ill today (and by the way, it is becoming very clear to me how few of you actually read my trash because I am STILL having hashers come up to me asking, “You have lyme disease Hoggy?”)

This trail was so bad that into the first five minutes, a stoned TIMMY who had just finished handing out the wrong hash cash change to several hashers was already saying, “Fuck Her!” in reference to the hare.
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Past Trash: SCH3 129

Time again to relive a trail from our glorious past…  SCH3 trail 129, held on March 13, 2003.  Hash Trash by Puff the Magic Drag Queen.

From But One Trail, Many

Welcome Whelps,

Allow me to sum this trail up succinctly, it was a triumph of mediocrity. I’m certain we’ve all heard the saying, “Third time’s the charm”. Drop the letter “c” for a closer approximation of this trail though. This was New Kid’s third (failed) attempt at haring and he has actually regressed from incompetent to unbelievably incompetent. And as for co-hare-brain Aching Cavity, that’s precisely what she gave me with her portion of this trail. This was a DeLaveaga disaster of monumental proportions. I consider it no small demonstration of the vindictive idiocy of this trail that even the deluge of water predicted for this night refused to be associated with these two. I wish I had been as smart as the rain. I resisted the urge to assemble three hash trashes as there were at least that many trail options available tonight. How two mere mortals are able to pervert such beautiful surroundings into this close an approximation of Dante’s Inferno boggles the mind. I submit to you that it is actually these two half-minds that the American military should be surrounding rather than something as innocuous as a murdering dictator who possesses weapons of mass destruction. Last year I left for Betty Ford on Thursday morning. I only wish I had been wise enough to repeat that brilliant maneuver this year as well.

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Puffism: Hash 565

Humble Greetings,

First thing, Puff apologizes for the lateness of the announcement for the posting of the Hash Flash for Hash 565. It was not due to the emergence of our new website which is both a joyous as well as momentous occasion. As many of you have already noted, the ease of navigation and the information presented places Surf City near the top of the half-mind pile in my opinion. I have even taken note of the fact that Flashes, Trashes and other obscure paraphernalia I believed to be lost forever have been resurrected by our website constructors. The flip side is after reading one of Puff’s old Hash Trashes, I am reminded of what a dreary, verbose fool I was in my younger days.

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