Hash 933: Short and Shitty (whats new?)

Another short shitty last minute trail by Pink Cherry Licker.
We started at Takara Sushi, near the mall.
Everyone without dogs ended up inside of target, where yellow sticky notes were used instead of chalk or flour.
Very clever except that once we got into the mall the little yellow sticky notes disappeared. Not sure if the janitor swept them up or some snot nosed kid grabbed them.
But some of us….Occasional, Jizz and CumFartZone were left to our own devices and a bad sense of direction.
Nevertheless Occasional was adamant that she heard from Wicked that there was flour outside the mall, perhaps on 38th so off we went. CFZ put out a distress call to UrineCider and he responded that the pack was nearby. Thankfully we all reunited like a bad 80’s song.
It seemed that it got rather dark quickly and the sea of flashlights finally led us up to Brommer park for Beer Check and Religion. It’s like a BOGO…..buy one, get one.
Lately we have been choosing that option…the combo plan. This was perhaps the shortest distance so far between stops.
We chastised the backsliders…..like SixONine who broke some ribs and was down and out for a bit…so what else is new? CourtesyFlush, Cunt Jungle also have been remiss in their attendance. Lame excuses about snuggling with pussy….but who can blame them.
We had a visitor from down south….Gorilla Whorefair. We had folks running from warrants and towards some Red Trolley beer. I think he is planning on relocating to our neck of the woods with his lovely spouse.
Wicked remembered his friend and surf icon, Lars, who recently departed this earthly plane.
Cum You Will Not was a very good girl and got an A for boob check. Accuprick noted that she hides her famous red lipstick between those beautiful mounds of rounds. That’s his words not mine. I think Jizz was also in on this action. There was some confusion about birdshit on the RR tracks being mistaken for hash marks.23561568288_128e22fef9_o
 Accu needs to back of the green stuff.
Cheek and Dong created some gorilla tit checks. There is always one in every crowd.
All in all….a dark shitty trail and a burrito to boot!
On On On,

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