Lampshade Hash THIS week

Broken Shaft at 2010 Lampshade

Our annual lampshade hash is this week (March 31), so break out an old lampshade or steal one from your grandmother, it is going to be a great time.  Hares are Broken Shaft and Cumz out My Noze.   Start will be at the Rush Inn, one of our favorite dive bars located at 113 Knight Street in downtown Santa Cruz.

Link to photos from 2010 Hash Flash

Trail Posting from Hare

Annual Lamp Shade Hash.

Date:  March 31

Time: 6:33 pm

Cost: $8

Hares: Broken Shaft and Cumz out my nose
Trail Start: Rush Inn 113 Knight Street Santa Cruz, CA
Type of trail: A to A Prime  (religion short distance from start)
Attire: Wear your lampshades!!
Special notes: There will be a “Photo check” and There will be BEER!

Broken Shaft and Cumz out my nose will be co-haring this r*n so who knows what will happen?

Cum join us and remember to wear your lampshades!

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