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Surf City H3 special events including Red Dress, Toys for Tots and Beat Your Meat.

Hash 919

Hear Ye, Beer Ye!

Announcing the imminent departure of notoriously e-vile DungFu Grip. DungFu’s last(hopefully) trail for the Surf City kennel will be Thursday, July thirteenth. It should be a FRIDAY the thirteenth though really with DungFu at the helm. Trail niner-one-niner is A to B. Some people may get cold…dBASED. Some will find it difficult to shortcut this trail…dBASED. So remember where you came from so you can get the hell home. Doggies encouraged but nothing with wheels will survive the onslaught of shiggy. Cover your legs appropriately.  Water crossing, graveyard ghoulies, poison oak mostly avoidable. Technu available back at Religion. The start for this Death March will be, appropriately enough, a cemetery. Oakwood Cemetery by name, 3301 Paul Sweet Road. Someone that knows how to put a link in this announcement and cares enough to do so will. Go up Paul Sweet Road and make a sharp left when the road does, otherwise you’ll go on-up to Chaminade. After the left, looks for hashers on your left. Beer, food, beer and transportation available at Beer Check for the lucky/unlucky that actually find it. Upper Crust Pizza is open until 10PM for the rare hound that survives trail.

May the gods of the Hash have mercy on your undeserving, worthless souls,

DungFu Grip


the Magic Drag Queen

AGM! Anal General Meeting – November 6th

Harriers and Harriettes,

It’s time to start setting your half-minds on erecting your new Mismanagement for SCH3 Year 14. Feel free to nominate anyone who you think is at least semi-worthy of serving the Hash…especially serving the Hash BEER! Here’s what’ll be up for vote:

Beermeister (The Hippy needs a rest!)
Hare Raiser
Religious Advisors
Haberdasher/Merch Bitch

Apparently Thmp-Thmp and I are serving a 2-year sentence as Grand Master and Grand Mattress, so we won’t be erecting a new GM this time around…BUTT…if you want to throw us out of orifice, feel free to write in some other poor wank. Speaking of wanks, get a wank’s okay before you nominate them. Yes! you can nominate yourself for something if you think you’re pretty fuckin’ special. 😛 Send nominations to me by emailing or send me a FB message.

We also want your nominations for:
Worst Trail
Best Trail
Best Hash Trash
Biggest Wanker
Stupidest Act on Trail

Details, shmetails:
AGM – Surf City H3’s Anal General Meeting/Hash 770
Thursday, November 6th, 6:33pm
El Palomar, in the “fiesta room”, 1336 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
$20 will feed you and beer you
Hares: Princess Di(arrhea) + Thmp-Thmp

Princess Di(arrhea)

Wharf to Barf Weekend is Here!‏

Oh yes, it is going down…starting TODAY!

Surf City H3’s
July 24-27, 2014
Santa Cruz

We present to you your itinerary of weekend debauchery:

If you haven’t rego’d yet, it’s not too late to join the fun!! Tonight is a usual Thursday hash that also happens to be the W2B Pre-Lube TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Hash, starting at Bocci’s Cellar. Walk-up prices during the W2B weekend are $8 each for the Friday Pub Crawl (dress like a r*cist) and Sunday Hangover Hash. It’s just $45 for the Saturday Hash/Picnic/Swag. If you expect to be a walk-up for the Picnic, please let Princess or Thmp know in advance if you can so we’ll bring enough grub and grog.

YES, SWAG IS STILL AVAILABLE! Oh shit! Extra swag will be sold during the event if you want to bring some back to your envious kennel mates and will also be sold after the event if you can’t cum (it happens).

So rev up your livers and let’s get it on-on!

-Princess Di(arrhea) & Thmp-Thmp

Wharf to Barf is Cumming!

Surf City H3’s
July 24-27, 2014

We’ve got announcements for two kinds of wankers ’round here…wankers who have rego’d for Wharf to Barf and wankers who have not yet rego’d (they’re wankier). Wanna see Who’s Cumming?

Wankers who have rego’d:
1. Y’all are are true blue mofos, for real. Respect.
2. Send me your party jamz requests to add to the W2B playlist. We’ve got a boomin’ soundsystem! And Spotify!
3. SAVE WATER Drink Beer! Here’s the link where you can by your own shirt just the way you like it:


There are lots of different colors and styles to choose from. You can customize your shirt too, so rock your name on the back of that shit. Zazzle usually has some deal going on. Delivery is quick and usually takes less than a week, but you might want to order by July 17th to be on the safe side.

Wankers who have not rego’d:
1. WTF?? It’s not too late to get on the W2B tip! There’s still swag available if you rego soon for the Saturday picnic for $45. If you don’t rego and wait to do the walk up thing on Saturday, you might miss out on the sweet giveaways. Don’t be that wanker. Rego with details is here

Big THANK YOUs to all on the Get Shitty Committee and to Hogazm for designing another great W2B logo!

Princess Di(arrhea) & Thmp-Thmp

AGM – November 17

SCH3 Annual General Meeting will be held on November 17, 2011.  It is our annual erection of new officers so please plan on attending.  If you have completed 5 SCH3 hashes in Year 11 (Nov 11, 2010 to Nov 3, 2011), you are eligible to vote.  If you wish to be an officer, send your name via email to by November 14, 2011.

Event info after the break…

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