Hash Trash #634

What to say about this hash. For last minute planning Coka Cola and Hairy Potter steered us on an interesting trail. Start was at a great watering hole in Seabright, you know the one. We then we’re twarted down Seabright to Cayuga. The one highlight on Cayuga was when we ran past the cool corner where “Mom’s Corner” is at lower Cayuga near the 5 corner’s, a nice bench and water fountain to hang out at, even for the pooches. as we neared the Ocean View park the pack assumed we’d be greeted with a BC, but instead a bum wine check on a side trail. Wine was sweet and tasty for being cheap ass. Now this duo has some nice friends, especially for letting them bring us in for a beer check in their backyards. Always great houses too. This one even had a swanky guest cottage (where I’m certain a few of us left something in the toilet). Condoms could have come in handy for a few as there also was a cozy bed in there! No hens yet but a cute hen house there also.
Hash 634
Choka out did herself by making us guacamole! I think we devoured it in like 5 minutes or less! She forgot to take out the pitt though:0. Just Kidding, PLENTY of beer at the beer check, kudo’s to the hares on that one! Then a fast walk back to Casa de Puff for Religion. Where Puff offered to be RA, he elected dBASED for his beer mistress fairy. First down down was for all the hasher’s whom we’re not wearing any hash attire, of some sort. Wicked, Deep Stroke, choka, Little bony and Twat did you say, Cuff my muff (although she sat that one out). Thmp Thmp is good at bringing in the virgins, Sharon and Leroy, this couple travel around the states playing disc golf. So not likely we’ll be seeing them on regular bases, but they seemed to enjoy their time with us and promised to look up kennels in their future travels. ¬†Leroy told some stupid Disneyland joke, and Sharon a Bill Gates “window” joke-lame, they’d be going home back to Ohio. Pussy Galore showed up with the keg she picked up for her camp out, auto hasher! Sunday semen got down down for major backsliding. Choka Cola got her 125th anal versary hash patch! We all sang Sit Tanya song to Little boney for losing yet another potential girlfriend to “moving”, um ya sure that’s always what they “tell him”. Ralphi you crammed in called dBASED on trail to tell him where to short cut trail? How did he even have his number? And why did he think dBASED needed to know how to shortcut trail he does this all the time anyhow. Maybe they got something going on we should know about? So his father -in -law TIMMY! got his down down. Lastly, Deep Stroke myself and Twat got down downs cause we work out with CC workout aka Deep stroke! Ok and Hash full moon campout was great fun!

On, On ON,

Occasional Rapist on out


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