Hash Trash #645

Hello half minds, tales from last week’s trail! We all gathered at Ideal Bar and Grill (a fine establishment noted for their free birthday Prime Rib dinner’s) down at the base of the SC Wharf. It was nice and sunny. We we’re shocked to see newly rejoined to the hash (older) hasher’s named Daddy Warbucks and his Little wrinkled fanny side kick! We all we’re given  strict hash instructions to go outside at exactly 6:45PM and not to be late by the E-vile dBASED and his young son co-hort Hott Wheels

.  As it turned out it was the Trolley we we’re to jump on, only .25 butt Wet Feral Pussy even had that covered as she pulled out free Trolley passes! Whoo hoo no change needed there. It was actually a tame trail I hear. I had Nipple Butt and realized quickly from the start I’d likely not make the trolley and made plans to be in the know of where beer check was ahead of time (hey I run slow, ok), but we all lied and said he was a dog companion, I had my vet along to prove it, Wet Feral Pussy! So there we all we’re travelling along so happily in the tourist shame train to DT

at Aqua’s where we all jumped out to find trail. Just Andrea invited Wicked Rhutarded and I in for a free drink at Aqua Blue, how could we say no? She had thought the whole pack was coming in for a drink. Hell no! they’ve already found trail and we’re gone I proclaimed! Oh well, I said I know where beer check is, hee hee. As it turned out there’sanother reason I didn’t bother running trail (and it wasn’t because my fiance was the hare), there we’re several stores, business establishments

where trail ran through that likely would have given me the evil eye for bringing along Nipple Butt! So there, that was reason enough for me to skip straight threw to BC! I enoyed some quality social time with Just Andrea and convinced her to join Wicked and I to BC. Once we got onto the river walk we saw the pack running towards Broadway bridge on the other side. No one bothered to chase after us, the FRB said “we wanted to run true trail”. OK well BC we almost got busted by a cop and a security guard. We had to give bums some beer so they wouldn’t  rat on us hasher’s. Oh I also had to where the stupid HashShit, only good thing about the hashshit, is it provides good pocket space for my shit. Since I am the scribe I need my tools on trail don’t cha know! So everyone enjoyed a beer or 3, then dBASED left us to drive to Religion, we had to carry the fuckin cooler down the hill, thanks mother f_cker! Religion was quick and lame d/t the need to ditch the po po. The Po-lice that is… So what did we do? Accuprick was RA and Wet Feral Pussy got to be beer fairy for her first time–awwww…..Wicked got his very first 25th hash patch, back slider’s to infamous couple Danny Warbucks and Little Wrinkled fanny!, and that’s all I can recall pooper’s. Nothing stands out… except the fuckin’ hares!!

Ok don’t forget this week’s hash is Beat Your Meat #13, Hash #646, at Lil Anal Annie and Butt balls abode, bring your cash and or checkbook for Second Harvest Foodbank!!! and bring your MEAT to beat (and side dish to share)!!!

On On–Occasional Rapist

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