Hash Trash #698 W2W pub crawl

No one had to actually run on this night but many didn’t realize this and in some cases we almost didn’t recognize each other!, LOL, us hasher’s clean up nice don’t we. We had a fairly good turnout mainly once we got to Reds, the CAN’d hasher’s and Goggler showed up with the Waxi pad and Shallow. We even had Wet Feral Pussy join in and Dirty Dolmas, if we did pass out down down’s that night they’d a had one for major backsliding! Order of bars went something like this, Rush Inn, Reds, 99 bottles, and Rosie Mc Canns’s. Wicked and myself, dBASED and Dirty Dolmas decided to go hear Berlin play at the boardwalk so we got our exercise in (ok not really we took a cab both ways!) hee hee, what you mean we missed the shuttle? Dirty Dolmas or Double Dee as we’ve come to call her now, knew the shuttle was in front of the Del Mar but dbASED mislead us, now why don’t we already know this. Anyhow some tales from the trail over heard was “I have all the dark married men staying with me”, and at the boardwalk “Let me see do I have my shoulder pads on”, ok people. I think everyone tied one on and had good times, on on you half minds.

Occ. Rap.

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