Wharf to Barf Weekend is Here!‏

Oh yes, it is going down…starting TODAY!

Surf City H3’s
July 24-27, 2014
Santa Cruz

We present to you your itinerary of weekend debauchery:

If you haven’t rego’d yet, it’s not too late to join the fun!! Tonight is a usual Thursday hash that also happens to be the W2B Pre-Lube TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Hash, starting at Bocci’s Cellar. Walk-up prices during the W2B weekend are $8 each for the Friday Pub Crawl (dress like a r*cist) and Sunday Hangover Hash. It’s just $45 for the Saturday Hash/Picnic/Swag. If you expect to be a walk-up for the Picnic, please let Princess or Thmp know in advance if you can so we’ll bring enough grub and grog.

YES, SWAG IS STILL AVAILABLE! Oh shit! Extra swag will be sold during the event if you want to bring some back to your envious kennel mates and will also be sold after the event if you can’t cum (it happens).

So rev up your livers and let’s get it on-on!

-Princess Di(arrhea) & Thmp-Thmp

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