AGM! Anal General Meeting – November 6th

Harriers and Harriettes,

It’s time to start setting your half-minds on erecting your new Mismanagement for SCH3 Year 14. Feel free to nominate anyone who you think is at least semi-worthy of serving the Hash…especially serving the Hash BEER! Here’s what’ll be up for vote:

Beermeister (The Hippy needs a rest!)
Hare Raiser
Religious Advisors
Haberdasher/Merch Bitch

Apparently Thmp-Thmp and I are serving a 2-year sentence as Grand Master and Grand Mattress, so we won’t be erecting a new GM this time around…BUTT…if you want to throw us out of orifice, feel free to write in some other poor wank. Speaking of wanks, get a wank’s okay before you nominate them. Yes! you can nominate yourself for something if you think you’re pretty fuckin’ special. 😛 Send nominations to me by emailing or send me a FB message.

We also want your nominations for:
Worst Trail
Best Trail
Best Hash Trash
Biggest Wanker
Stupidest Act on Trail

Details, shmetails:
AGM – Surf City H3’s Anal General Meeting/Hash 770
Thursday, November 6th, 6:33pm
El Palomar, in the “fiesta room”, 1336 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
$20 will feed you and beer you
Hares: Princess Di(arrhea) + Thmp-Thmp

Princess Di(arrhea)

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