Hash #970

Hash #970  Shallow and Fap’s Birthday Trail! GEMINI daydreams and nightmares by the twin troublemakers.

We all start at the Seabright Brewery with its dog friendly patio and happy hour prices to entice the hoards.
Who missed the water taxi?? Hmmm….. Broke Bench, Rat Pussy, Deadliest Snatch, Curtesy Flush,and Wicked Retarded. Guess it was easier to hang out at the Seabright dive bars then expend some actual energy to follow trail.
These wankers were busted for using Tech on Trail:
Broke Bench
Rat Pussy
Just Evan
They were all engrossed in the Warriors playoff game and being oh so disrespectful to the RA.
DBased and Cold Smegma simply can’t read. They completely missed the largest T&E split markings located at the bottom of a staircase marked in King Kong size letters. Better get an eye exam scheduled.
Snake me anywhere and Twat did you say had bathroom issues. Guess one of them needed a tampon but the other one wasn’t sure where to put it?? Anatomy lesson anyone?
We had virgin Courtney grace our circle. We had backsliders try to slink back into our good graces….Testi Coil, Hugh Heiffer, Organ Grinder,  and Just Evan.Unfortunately Virgin Mike did not make it to Religion…guess he  found the Blue Lounge  so seductive that he couldn’t be bothered to hang out with his new friends down on the beach.
Johnnie Cockring got lucky. Not one but two beach babes!
And so did our Birthday Girl, Shallow hole. She got to hare a shitty trail with lots of booze with her sidekick FapJack. What more could a girl want?

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