Hash 973 Campus torture trail

hash 973

Death march disguised as a little outing.


Last minute emergency instructions on how to survive this annual death march. Oh never mind….no meeting at all….just trying get another cold one.







Hippie Chick Hugh determined to carry on despite finding out that all grass is not created equal!



Shallow leads the way showing what a great leader can do to motivate their pack when beer is nearby.




Here they come running.


Before Beer Check.






After beer check…..happy campers!




The divine Santa Cruz banana slug….moved out of harms way. Afterall it is our founders namesake.




Fireball wannabe whiskey????


too cheap and can’t afford the real stuff. That’s how we roll.

Up a creek without a paddle, a flashlight or more beer.

Fearless hare Timmy!!! pontificating pointlessly.

Vrigin Katie gets the last laugh as she fails to show a body part.

Look who crawled out from under a rock….Six O Nine. Thought his van was broken down….Never mind….no time for a War and Peace novel.

Pinky left her phone in the Uber. Cumz offered to be helpful. That’s what we are all about. And Hugh Heiffer got some quality time with her herd of cows in the pasture. Is everybody Happy??

OnĀ  On On,


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