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Puffism: Hash 565

Humble Greetings,

First thing, Puff apologizes for the lateness of the announcement for the posting of the Hash Flash for Hash 565. It was not due to the emergence of our new website which is both a joyous as well as momentous occasion. As many of you have already noted, the ease of navigation and the information presented places Surf City near the top of the half-mind pile in my opinion. I have even taken note of the fact that Flashes, Trashes and other obscure paraphernalia I believed to be lost forever have been resurrected by our website constructors. The flip side is after reading one of Puff’s old Hash Trashes, I am reminded of what a dreary, verbose fool I was in my younger days.

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Past Trash: SCH3 Trail 72

Surf City H3 trail 72 took place on February 28, 2002.  Here is Puff the Magic Drag Queen’s Trash:

Pack Mates,

The moon was in perigee with the third rock from the sun for Surf City hash number 73. The night was therefore very bright. I only wish I could say the same for Bad Spoon Rising, our lone hare for the night. I had hoped Bad Spoon Rising’s recent marriage would get him straight, so to speak, and bring some small measure of relief to Surf City. I have been sadly disappointed. I noted Hands Solo was still in possession of his stolen digital camera. If he had made a film of this night’s festivities, it would surely have been titled “Honey, I shrank my brain.”

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