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Hash 936: High hills, creepy creeks

Salutations, Gather round, young pups. It’s time for a throwback Trash. That’s one where hares are harried for hideous happenings on trail and hounds are taken to task for their abundant incompetence. I will not complicate this Trash with facts … Continue reading

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Hash 919

Hear Ye, Beer Ye! Announcing the imminent departure of notoriously e-vile DungFu Grip. DungFu’s last(hopefully) trail for the Surf City kennel will be Thursday, July thirteenth. It should be a FRIDAY the thirteenth though really with DungFu at the helm. … Continue reading

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Hash 851

Hello Voyeurs, TIMMY! & Puff MDQ here. It is with great pleasure we announce that Trail 851 will begin from the Davenport Roadhouse with Religion nearby. There’s a parking lot directly across Highway 1 so large that even Hugh Heifer … Continue reading

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Getting Wrecked on Rincon Road

Salutations, Puff the Magic Drag Queen here, resurrected as Scribe once again. Scribe Shallow Hole was a co-hare and we learned long ago not to allow a hare to concoct the Trash for their own trail. Invariably, they sing the … Continue reading

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Trail 773

To the Ho, Certain misconceptions apparently exist within your little half-mind pertaining to the duties of Hash Cash. Hash Cash is to flow in one dire-erection only, e.g., Take in money, NOT give it out. What do I look like, … Continue reading

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Countdown to Hash 7…6…5

Salavations, Consider this your final warning pertaining to Countdown Trail 7…6…5, October 2nd. I am aware that most of you received lumps of coal for Christmas when you were children. For this trail though, Dung-Fu Grip and Puff the Magic … Continue reading

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