Hash Trash #639

Howdey Hasher’s, I’m here to rehash the last hash #639. We started at The bar next door in SV. Hash 639 We had an oldtimer hasher Viagra Falls (10 years of no sch3 hashes) join us, as well as backslider’s Too drunk to fuck and his co-hort,  Get up and run ..bitch.  We also had some hasher family of dBASED, join in the fun, Little Spit, Hott Wheels and their cousin Virgin Jason. Hash 639 I’m sure you can remember it was a very wet Thursday for most of us whom braved the “Tunnel” of hell. Hash 639 Hares dBASED and Shallow Hole drove us there, under Highway 17. I had Nipple butt with me following the trail of the pack, I nearly had to drag him a few feet. I waited until everyone went threw the tunnel as I think the noise scared him more then the water level and the darkness. Being the brave Boxer hasher dog he is though we made it threw.  Trail wasn’t long, but it did drag us threw some interesting terrain, mostly uphill asphalt, and shiggy filled with plenty of PO. I enjoyed seeing a very old barn on trail which I believe is old remnants of the Santa’s Village, that I never really remembering going too as a kid. I wasn’t DFL but a few of us did make it to beer check finally where we found the rest of the pack sucking down all the beer. Hash 639 We we’re all happy to get to the end because we all knew what we had in store, Food, and plenty of it.  We sang stupid songs again and made fun of our beer fairy Twat did you say. Puff got his #625 analversary, hares got down downs for getting us all “wet”,  Viagra falls for being a ten year backslider!, and all the old farts of this hash whom we’re >60 years old,  something about virgin Jason and baby penquins?,  and the fucking hares! Waxi pad didn’t run trail, he drove the Pussy wagon for most pussy’s, and he BBQ’d some of the best burger’s I think I’ve ever tasted! Everyone should be applauded for our feast this night as it was a shared adventure. Kudos to the hostess/ host for their pad.
Hash 639
On and On into tonight’s bash hash at JJ’s

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