Hash Trash 641 & the Hangover hash

Remembering hash 641 gives me a headache, but here I go: This was our pre-lube hash for Wharf to Barf excuse me while I have to take breaks to barf…..This was Cum Rash’s first co-haring adventure with Shallow Hole. We started at the Seabright Brewery,we had a few visitor’s Grassy Ass , Mommy’s Little Cock Whore and Pussy Troupe.  Backslider’s Wicked Rhutarded, Stupid Pussy, Pixie, Little Anal Annie and Butt Balls joined us for this hash also. Just Petra decided to cum

back and get to know us more. Two canine hasher’s joined us Marley and Nipple butt.

We took off toward’s the harbor, we decided maybe the ferry would be involved but no, we ran on by over the bridge and along the harbor we then turned towards 7th ave. and toward’s the Harbor Cafe then right at the train tracks and Swan Lagoon park. I was part of the DFL pack and we decided to avoid the park all together and headed down the tracks to where the rest of the pack was near the Liquor Check, fruit flavored V8 and rum? Jungle juice baby.

We basically ran in a circle for about 2.5 miles. See map for details,

Beer check was at the harbor back entrance off to the right, and we moved closer to the street for religion as a neighbor was threatening to call the cops on us during beer check.

Luckily no cops came, and we enjoyed giving/getting down downs, Butt Balls and Accuprick were RA’s, Princess Di-arrea was beer fairy.  Down downs for :Backslider’s Wicked, Pixie, Stupid Pussy and the Visitors: Grassy Ass- San Diego H3, Pussy Toupe-Silicon Valley H3, 500 run’s to dBASED, and the fucking hares..

On On we went to the Lesbian Pizza joint with just Petra, Hot Wheels, myself and dBASED and Grassy Ass. Other’s went to the brewery or the bar next door.

Hangover Sunday W2B hash: What to say about this, it was hot, sweaty and short, like (1/2 a mile short) Hares: Pear Necklace and Banana

needed an extra 10 minute start to basically go buy beer at Shopper’s corner, for the beer check. On the plus side there was Plenty of cold beer, and food, and sun. Thanks to Last Call Norm and Pearl necklace for hosting. This was a great day to just sit and drink in the sun and chew the fat with us half-minds, we did a quick religion with Puff as RA, beer fairy I think was Banana. Too short and boring to remember.  Phyllis Driller, Cum Lord, and Blios con Burros was in attendance. Deep Stroke wore her watermelon head with pride one last time!

On oN….


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