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In Loving Memory of Last Call Norm

2008 Red Dress R*n Hash 409

Our beloved Normie quietly passed away yesterday afternoon following a battle with cancer. We all loved her and will always keep her in our hearts.

Normie was a True Blue Hasher, Beer Meister extraordinaire, and was responsible for bringing WomenCARE to the Surf City’s Red Dress R*n as our special charity. She received their caring services and made sure to help give back to them. Sadly, last Saturday was Normie’s final Surf City RDR. We’ll be sure to remember and honor her in the years ahead. The donations we collected on Saturday were donated to WomenCARE in her memory.

Pearl Necklace and his family are also in our hearts. If you’d like to offer help, you can do it here.

Come by 100h7 Club this Sunday May 17th at 2pm to share stories and toast to sweet Normie.

Here’s to Sister Hasher…

-Princess Di(arrhea) & Thmp-Thmp

Hash 775

It was the storm of the decade so hares Princess Di(arrhea), Stub Rub and Summers Yeast performed a last minute improvisation for last week’s trail. Cuminig in at less than a mile, they obviously didn’t improvise long.

Hashers were asked to bring toys for this annual Toys for Tots trail. The back corner of JJs bar in Soquel looked like a toy store as Christmas gifts piled in. Hashers would later drop that at toy check on trail.

Hashers at their charitable best.
Hashers at their charitable best.

As the half minds started out, Hugh Heifer asked if flares were allowed on trail and while all would agree it was dark, we wonder what sort of show she wanted to put on that needed pyrotechnics.

There was a last call to “Pull ’em out and touch your toys.” And Hashers grabbed toys for a photoshoot to prove they think of someone else at least once a year.

Trail started by crossing Porter and hashers huddled together under an awning with their toys in hand waiting for the light to change. They came quickly to a toy check at Redz Salon, the business establishment of Summers Yeast. It was after hours so apparently she didn’t have to worry about scaring away her clientele.

Trail then went up Porter toward the high school, where there was a check. Trail took hashers over the creek and around the block. High maintenance hashers Bacon Queef and Twisted Fister carried umbrellas on trail to keep their pretty locks dry.

There was a hare snare just before beer check when dBASED surprised even himself by running into the hares. He had to ask the hares if this was a snare and they sure weren’t answering.

There was a déjavu beer check that looked a whole lot like the toy check of earlier. Only this time there was hot buttered rum, beer and snacks. Summers Yeast risked hashers never leaving this place.

More hashers made their way into beer check and the place filled up. Finger Nips was double fisting beer and hot buttered rum while she spied Twisted Fister and kinky dreams danced through her head.

Cheers to Wicked Rehtardad & Finger Nips!
Cheers! (Wicked Rehtardad & Finger Nips)

Hare Stub Rub confessed he got a little lost on trail…who knew that could happen on a less than a mile trail. Wicked Rehtardad lived up to his name and tried to tell ThmpThmp that his patch was spelled wrong. Turns out he was reading it upside down.

DFL Ho To Housewife straggled in soaking wet and a little tired. It appears she reverted to her Ho days and got “lost at the high school.” All assumed the dug out was calling her name down memory lane.

As religion started, Religious Advisor Dung Fu Grip informed everyone that they had to class up their act a bit because there were no down downs tossed on the floor in this joint. That meant the swill was left over for the next hasher…mmm yum. Hashers sure are a close-knit group.

Twisted Fister was selected as Beer Fairy.

Crimes on trail:

Best toy went to Twisted Fister who cashed in all his Justin Bieber fan club points for the perfume collection set that will make some 13 year old girl very happy this Christmas.

Puff the Magic Drag Queen was given a down down for 700 consecutive hashers. Get a life!

Puff getting a life
Puff the Magic Drag Queen getting a life

Pink Cherry Licker reached the dickntenial.

Pink Cherry Licker was called back up for bad spelling when hashers asked her how she’d like to spell her name and she couldn’t decide. Since when do Hashers ask???

Finally the hares Princess Di(arrhea), Stub Rub and Summers Yeast were called up for a shitty, wet and short trail.

Hares & Hare Snare
Hares Princess Di(arrhea), Stub Rub, Summers Yeast and their hare snare dBASED.

Next weeks trail will be hared by dBASED and hashers were warned to wear their Christmas gear.

OnOnOn was still to be decided cuz Hashers make their own path, assholes.


Cock Throbbin’


Beat Your Meat Charity Hash this Week

Yo Wankers;

It’s time once again to head out to Aptos and muss up Lil Anal Annies garden with a little hashing and some BBQ afterwards. Your hares Cockiss and B.Balls will head out the gate at 6:45 sharp for a shiggy trail followed by religion and a BBQ.

Here’s some details:

  • Date:  August 18, 2011
  • Time:  6:45 pm
  • Cost:  $10 (all money goes to charity – give more!)

BBQ: Bring some side dishes to share. Our brethren from over the hill have graciously donated 50 burgers and 25 dogs to the cause this year.  Don’t want a dog or burger? Bring a side dish and what you want to have BBQ’d. Please leave the 25 pound rump roast at home though.

Fund raiser: We will be collecting extra $$$$ for Second Harvest Food Bank. $10 gets you a hash and a burger or dog. ALL $$$ goes to Second Harvest.

Start Location: 7558 Sunset Way Aptos, Ca 95003. Parking on the street is limited so use the Wells Fargo parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

See you next Thursday.

On out;


SCH3 Red Dress Hash, to be held May 12, 2011, will start and end at Last Call Norm and Pearl Necklace’s lovely home.    Woot!

Reminder:  We have picked WomenCare as the charity once again.

$10 for the hash – all proceeds will go to the charity.  SCH3 is buying the beer.

Please think about donating more, you can make a check direct to WomenCare.  We will get it to them.  Our goal is to raise over $1,500.00!!

Start:  520 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz

Beat Your Meat Charity Hash

Beat Your Meat, our annual charity hash for Second Harvest Food Bank, will be held on June 8, 2011.  Once again we will be teaming with Agnews State H3.  Hares are Butt Balls and Cockiss.  More details soon….   ON ON

Hash most likely will be held at Lil’ Anal Annie’s Garden Palace, but check back in May for all the details.

Beat Your Meat Charity Hash