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Plastic Pussy Named!

The hasher formerly known as Just Brian shall henceforth be answering to the insult PLASTIC PUSSY! Apparently he’s a salesman of “medical supplies”, but we all suspect he sells Real Dolls (or parts thereof), right? Our crew could use a few knee replacements or fake vaginas, so either way you’ve got some new customers right here! Welcome to the kennel, Plastic Pussy!

Cumcerto named!

Last night Just Marna got named Cumcerto. Something about playing the flute. Not sure if that’s the skin flute or is a band.  She has come to 5 consecutive hashes and we all hope we’ll continue to be as routine a Hasher as her sister – Princess Diarrhea. The best song sung to Just Marna  last night was “someone’s in you sister vagina”, which we all know to be Thmp-Thmp!