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Lampshade Hash THIS week

Broken Shaft at 2010 Lampshade

Our annual lampshade hash is this week (March 31), so break out an old lampshade or steal one from your grandmother, it is going to be a great time.  Hares are Broken Shaft and Cumz out My Noze.   Start will be at the Rush Inn, one of our favorite dive bars located at 113 Knight Street in downtown Santa Cruz.

Link to photos from 2010 Hash Flash

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Beat Your Meat Charity Hash

Beat Your Meat, our annual charity hash for Second Harvest Food Bank, will be held on June 8, 2011.  Once again we will be teaming with Agnews State H3.  Hares are Butt Balls and Cockiss.  More details soon….   ON ON

Hash most likely will be held at Lil’ Anal Annie’s Garden Palace, but check back in May for all the details.

Beat Your Meat Charity Hash

Past Trash: 379

Check out the title of this hash and now you know why it might be a good read.  Written by Hogazm for trail 379, which took place back in October 0f 2007.  (Note – It was a bad trail.)


Hare: Piss In Booths Hounds: Banana Basher, Beaver Whacker, Auntie Cumima, Jiz Bollah, GAS, Serial Box, Dr. Nappy Headed Hoe, Rod Lover, Vince Lamblowme, Green Peace, Pixilated Obscenity, TIMMY, Puff the Magic Drag Queen, Ralph-U-Crammed In, Daddy Warbucks, Butt Balls, Spooge Bath No Pants, PCP, Just Tom, Pearl Necklace, Last Call Norm, Choca-cola, Little Anal Annie, Just Kirin, Harry Potter, Just Rupert, Fowl Balls, and Hogazm.

This trail was soooooooo bad that I hear my mother’s voice talking in the back of my head, saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Sorry mama.


This trail was so bad that I think I’m gonna go home sick from work today because after traveling so many miles out in the dark cold night, I feel seriously ill today (and by the way, it is becoming very clear to me how few of you actually read my trash because I am STILL having hashers come up to me asking, “You have lyme disease Hoggy?”)

This trail was so bad that into the first five minutes, a stoned TIMMY who had just finished handing out the wrong hash cash change to several hashers was already saying, “Fuck Her!” in reference to the hare.
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